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Awful! This movie would discourage travelers from visiting London, 25 May 2003

This movie was terrible. I thought it would be good, but it was not. I do not know what other British-made movies were like, but this sucked. A young woman has witnessed a major gang-deal gone bad, and now Christian (the mob leader) and his gang are trying to have her killed within 24 hours. Two mobsters break into the futuristic police station, and without being hit by a single bullet until the end, they gun down over a dozen heavily-armed SWAT team members. This is even more unbelievable than a video game with cheat codes. There are dumb cops guarding the young woman for the rest of the film, and every time mobsters try to kill her, something goes wrong and the mobsters end up dead. This takes place in the future, so maybe the film's producers will use its futuristic-location as an excuse to why the film was not only extremely fake to the point where it was no longer entertaining, but horrible. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

How High (2001)
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Bottom Line: NOT FUNNY, 25 May 2003

This film was incredibly dumb, and I can see why it got such a low user-rating. It is another film that attempts to be entirely about a duo of dumb potheads getting into trouble (copying off the much-better films of Cheech and Chong, Friday, and Half-Baked). In this one, Method Man and Redman, who can't act worth $#!*, cheat on their SAT/ACT tests and get into Harvard University. They pull off a bunch of wacky/stupid/dumb pranks while they are there, including putting a plate of pot-brownies on the porch of one of their professors, who then eats them and goes crazy. The whole movie the two rappers are smoking pot and acting like what they truly are in real life: two idiotic young thug-wannabes who cannot do anything good besides rap. DO NOT SEE THIS AWFUL FILM. This was terrible, and even if you are a total stoner and want to see this just because it is about weed (like many people I know), don't. Rent "Up In Smoke" or "Half-Baked" instead, for they are actually funny and are worth the rental fee. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Friday (1995)
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Not funny and without a plot or good acting, 25 May 2003

This movie was fair. Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Tucker) are two young men who live in South Central L.A... Craig has just been fired from his job, and Smokey is a young pot-seller who owes his dealer $200 from the pot that he smoked up. The supposed "plot" is: Smokey and Craig have to get $200 by Friday night, or Smokey's dealer is coming to kill both of them. Why someone would commit double-murder over $200 worth of garbage reefer I do not know. The whole movie they hang around on their porch, swearing and smoking pot (Craig tries pot for the first time at age 22). Nothing funny happens, I do not know why it is considered a comedy. It is basically a home video that tries to appeal to young pot-smokers who drop out of school in 8th Grade. This is NOT funny and extremely stupid. Even if you have a chance to see it for free (as I did, but I regret it), do not waste your time on this. Even if you are stoned while watching the film it will still not be funny. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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A story about ice cream men with a twist turns out pretty funny, 25 May 2003

This movie was pretty good. Cheech and Chong come back with another episode of hilarious pot comedy, this time they are marijuana sellers dealing their product out of the back of their "ice cream truck" that they drive around. A major pot grower asks them to babysit his greenhouse for him, so they do, and they steal most of his incredibly-potent pot (garbage bags full of it!) and sell most of it, making a fortune. One minute they are selling pot, the next they are in a restaurant meeting wacky and zany characters, including a mysterious woman who falls in love with them and a crazy young man who introduces them to coke ("Can we buy some of that, man?"). This is a very funny and entertaining film and I don't know why it got such a low user-rating. I still thought this was funnier than Up In Smoke, but it isn't as famous. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

A true comedy classic, 24 May 2003

This movie is excellent. It was the first Cheech & Chong film, which started a whole generation of wacky comedies and other films about pot. The films Half-Baked, How High, and many others would not exist today if it wasnt for this film. Cheech & Chong are two hippies who are looking to buy large amounts of marijuana so they drive to Tijuana, Mexico. They steal a truck there and drive back to L.A., not knowing that the truck they stole is made entirely out of pot. Many funny stuff happens on the way, including a hilarious seen when Cheech throws the end of his joint out of the car window and it then lands on the lap of a nun who was sitting in a car next to them. When the car is stopped on the border crossing by customs agents, the nuns are all arrested for drug possession. This movie is very funny. While it was boring at some parts, it was generally very funny and one of the best movies of the '70s that gave a clear view of the pot-loving hippie generation. SEE THIS FILM. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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This movie was truly terrible. Karen is a young woman who is trying to get to L.A. to deliver an original copy of her father's (A-Train) rap recording that was stolen from the studio. Richard is a young man who she originally accused of stealing her car, but he ends up driving her to L.A. and nothing funny happens on the way. The only two white characters in the film are rapper-wannabes who talk black and stole Karen's car and are looking for a record deal themselves. I was hoping to see rapper Kurupt in the film, but he was only in the last 5-minute scene and maybe 1 or 2 shots of him rapping in the recording studio. This movie must have cost close to nothing to make, for it has nothing in it at all (literally no background music in the whole film, horrible acting and a dumb storyline).I don't know what genre this movie fits in, for even though it had a "Youth-Restricted Viewing" label on it at Blockbuster there was no violence, no sex, and close to no cursing. But forget that, this movie was horrible and a complete waste of time. The whole movie Richard and Karen are in a car driving to L.A. and they make several stops on the way. Nothing happens. AVOID THIS FILM AT ALL COSTS. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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One of Seagal's best action films, 24 May 2003

This movie was pretty good. It is a lot better than Steven Seagal's more recent films, like Exit Wounds and Half Past Dead. I do not know why it had such a low user-rating, for it is excellent. Seagal plays EPA agent Jack Taggart, who moves to a small southern town to investigate allegations that a major business figure (Kristofferson) is dumping tons of toxic waste into a supposedly safe area. Seagal faces much hostility while he is there from Kristofferson's thugs, but he meets and falls in love with a young woman who was falsely accused of murdering her father. The murder was really done by her brother, who ends up in a dangerous confrontation with Seagal. This movie had expert action scenes and great filming of a southern/midwestern town. Kris Kristofferson had a very good role and he played it very well. This is probably Steven Seagal's best movie and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action films. SEE THIS FILM. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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An exciting action-packed thriller, 24 May 2003

This film was pretty good. Frank Castle is The Punisher, a former police officer whose family was murdered by mobsters and years later, he comes back and wages a one-man war against crime. Although thought dead, he slowly kills off leading mobsters and criminals, one by one, in the name of "street justice". This movie had good music, and Louis Gosset Jr. played his role well as a police chief who was a friend of Castle. This movie had a decent story and exciting well-filmed gunbattles, but there were some bad things too. It relied more on pure action than on acting, for there was little talking in the whole film, just gunfire. It was somewhat fake to the point where it no longer seemed like a film (more like a video game) where a single man kills dozens of mobsters and is only hit by a single bullet in the whole film (in the shoulder!!!). But besides the bad things, this was pretty exciting and I would recommend it to all who enjoy action films. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Selena (1997)
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Quite entertaining if you are interested in musical-biography films, 11 May 2003

This film was pretty good. I originally saw it in my second-year Spanish class and thought that it would be bad, but it wasnt. Jennifer Lopez is fantastic at portraying Selena (they both look surprisingly alike) and this film is generally a musical biography. It details Selena's life, how she grew up and became more involved with singing and music under her father's encouragement. They faced hardships at times, such as when they had to move because her father's restaurant went out of business and Selena's popularity was low at first. This was a good story of Selena's life, who was tragically murdered by her fan-club president in 1995 because of a financial dispute. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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Good, but hardly at Berenger's level, 11 May 2003

This film was OK. Tom Berenger is a CIA agent living in Miami whose wife is beat up by a gang member so Berenger goes undercover a substitute teacher at a high school where many of the gang members go. He pretends to be a teacher and disciplines students, but after school he is fully armed and going after the violent gang members led by their leader Juan Lacas (played by singer Marc Anthony). Berenger eventually finds out that the drug-smuggling operation that the gang runs out of the school is helped out by the school principal, who was Berenger's former friend. This was a pretty good film, and had plenty of action and gunbatles, but it was not nearly as good as other Tom Berenger films such as Platoon, Sniper, and others. It makes a good rental for a rainy day but it becomes incredibly unbelievable in the ending sequence where a huge gunbattle erupts inside the high school involving gang members and CIA agents with huge machine guns. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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