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Little Italy in Scotland, 28 March 2006

I watched this movie for the first time on a flight back from Australia to Germany in early 2004. Living as a foreigner in a country I wasn't born in may have made me a little more susceptible to the story. And the fact that I spent three months in Scotland a couple of years ago also helped. Anyway, I liked the story a lot.

Mind you it is not without fault but not many films are. They are just as fallible as their creators I daresay. It is worth watching though and the cast (especially the late great Russell Hunter) delivered a most believable performance. If there are some stereotypical characters in the story - so what? Ever watched one of the so-called Hollywood blockbusters? That's what I call so stereotypical that it actually hurts my intellect just to think that I wasted my hard-earned money on that kind of rubbish.

I wish there were a lot more films like that one!

Mille grazie, Sergio.