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Child becomes Mother, 31 December 2002

In this movie a 15-year-old gets pregnant, and fears telling her parents. Although this girl is very young, she decides right off not to have an abortion or give her child up for adoption. She makes and adult decision when she decides as a mother that her child has a better chance with her than with some other family. This movie is a prime example of how teenagers will be teenagers, siblings will fight, and parents will be there until the very end. The main focus of this movie is young Tina who will soon give birth to a child. In the begining of this movie you will see how she is just a child, sand proves it in many ways. Throughout the movie you will see her grow out of immaturity in to a young woman before her child is born. All teens should have to watch this child struggle with the fact that she is going to have to be a mature woman and mother to the child on the way. There are the "religious view of others" that are strictly opinion about how this child is going to raise her baby. They are wrong. At the end of this movie it left you on a high on how her family accepted Tina and her baby. I feel that the reason they gave this impression is that the damage has been done why cause more damage to this young life who now has a child top raise? We all know what will be coming in the years ahead.

Suspect (1987)
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I "Suspect" you'll love it., 26 November 2002

Can we say go Cher? In this low budget film Cher plays an overworked public defender that is given a high work load instead of her year vacation. In the impossible case ahead of her, she is defending a homeless mute convicted of murder. Dennis Quaid is a Lobbist that has his own problems, but is called to jury duty. In the first scenes of this movie you can tell that Cher needs more than a day off, she needs a man. This impossible case seems to get worse as witnesses seem to murdered, and juror Dennis Quaid illegally helps Cher with her case. This is a wonderful edge of your seat movie with a certin twist that will totally make you want more!

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Only if you are bored., 26 November 2002

This is boring movie, thats a given. The audio is horrible as the actors say their lines like they are reading them off of a cue card. But on a high note, the romance that is begining between Oliver and police officer is very touching. Don't go out on a limb to see this one folks. The Trailer is more worth watching.

Get Real (1998)
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Get some popcorn, and don't miss "Get Real"., 26 November 2002

What a great movie about two boys in love. Unlike most of the gay movies that are made to be "happily ever after" this one gives us an inside look on how people will deny their sexuality. Please don't miss this great film that will make you feel good that you rented it.

Panic Room (2002)
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Let's Not Panic Over "Panic Room", 26 November 2002

I don't think that I could have made it though this movie without the help of my lights being on. The only action that was going on in the room was the flicker of the candle that I had lit. I love lots of Jodie Foster's work, but I have to say this one was a BIG snooze. What a great house though. What a terrible attempt to make a movie about a panic room.