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Surprisingly good acting., 13 February 2016

Ben Stiller an Owen Wilson are RIGHT on the money, and their characters don't feel forced or watered down. I was so worried about that, because it seriously ruins a movie when you get actors trying to revive "old characters", and they just don't make it believable...not with this film, Thank God! And Penelope Cruz is surprisingly a Strong act, very impressed. Will Ferrell is also Very Good..considering this is Zoolander! Everyone else was "sub-par", many of the cameos felt Forced and fake. But that's expected in comedy. Also, the movie's Plot was surprisingly in-depth and almost forget that you're watching Zoolander at many points! Then it will suddenly make up for the boring stuff and become outlandish. There were tons of quick laughs, but not loaded many Huge Huge laughs. Probably because it's IMPOSSIBLE to get the shock value of the First movie...that's what made the first one a success. After the First movie, the cat's out of the bag...we know what to expect Generally Speaking, you'll never re-create that lightning twice! But considering everything, the sequel was actually pretty solid. It could have definitely been much worse. There were also TONS of references and inside jokes poking fun of the fashion if you can take the movie Light-Hearted and catch the mockery, you'll enjoy it! Just don't expect a non-stop laugh fest, because this ain't it.

7 Days in Hell (2015) (TV)
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So absurd, it's hilarious., 17 January 2016

This movie is basically a "mock"umentary of a tennis rivalry, and it's partially filmed like "MTV's: Behind the Music". It's only about 40 minutes long and doesn't have a traditional movie plot, it gets right to the point....It's a mock film. And a Brilliant one at that! It's very similar to "blades of glory", and takes everything to the extreme with silly tennis matches, and fake interviews from Real famous stars. I don't know how Andy convinced people to make cameos, but it really adds a new level of hilarity and almost convincing credibility, lol. This movie DOES contain Nudity/Sex and Cursing, so DO NOT let your kids watch.

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Real Dangerous Stunts, 10 Stars for that alone., 2 January 2016

First off, this movie was NOT a remake, let's get that clear right now. Point Break(2015) is an Extreme Sports movie, with a "re-imagining" of the Point Break plot thrown in. The fact that most of the Action Scenes were REAL, that alone is mind blowing. The extreme risks these guys took to film Alone was worth 10 stars. The story was typical and plain, and the acting from Utah and Bodhi were Good. If you want to see Breath Taking scenery like NOTHING ELSE, with the plot to Point Break thrown in the middle, go see this. Just don't go in with expectations, except for Tons of adrenaline junkie sports and amazing shots. It's a fun movie, and a fun ride, nothing less, nothing more.

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Are you kidding???Typical Hollywood cliché garbage!, 20 December 2015

How can people be so brainwashed by this movie? Just another cliché' pro-American war propaganda film, end of story! This film is Nothing new, doesn't bring anything to the table...The plot is obvious, every scene is Predictable, we've all seen this script a million times...beaten and sold to the Highest bidder, pushed by the Hollywood war machine. The main character is "always" a lone wolf, just killing everyone in sight, totally unstoppable! He has a southern accent, and just the right amount of Scruff on his beard! How original, Not! I couldn't even Finish this movie, what a joke! I almost Never give bad reviews on here, but this was just crap, talk about beating the dead horse!

Pixels (2015)
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Good movie, better than I expected., 30 October 2015

Good movie, not really a watered-down Sandler flick like I was expecting. It has some comedy moments that miss the mark, but it has many that Hit Hard. The movie has a strange way of sucking you into it...I can't remember the last time I felt like I was truly INSIDE of a video game or movie. Major props to Sandler and his Visual Arts company...absolutely mind-blowing, especially the ending, just wow! I was only planning to watch 30 minutes, and finish the rest tomorrow, but I just could NOT turn it off! I was pretty impressed with it. I don't think a lot of people realize how much time and hard work was put into this film, but I appreciate it, bang up job guys!

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I liked it! Light hearted, yet well done!, 27 September 2015

I'd say it's a weird mix between Office Space, Shaun of the Dead and Fright Night. I give it an "A" for originality as well. There were a few times when things were lining up for a cliché' horror movie moment, but suddenly things veer off the page or jump right to the point, in a hilarious way! I also appreciate how they didn't try to re-invent the wheel. It's almost like they knew where "their particular" sweet spot in comedy was...and kept riding it out through the entire movie. There wasn't any rocky highs and lows with comedy and horror mixing(like most movies of this genre). It was kind of chill and relaxed, yet just enough excitement to keep you curiously hooked on the edge. The personalities really sync in a light-hearted way, it feels pretty genuine and stupid at the same time. It's almost got like a weird sympathetic view towards the vampires too, it's silly yet believable, haha.

Ted 2 (2015)
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BETTER than the first one., 27 June 2015

First off, the negative reviews are absolutely LAUGHABLE!...there's no way you can be a fan of Ted 1 and Family Guy and NOT like this movie, Period! (or you're lying about being a true Seth fan, because you'd Know what to expect from him) Ted 2 follows the exact SAME comedic formula as Ted 1! Lots of curse words and sex jokes and no holds barred, to the max! There are Lots of cameos, I was pretty shocked how many people Seth convinced to take part in this movie. The comedy is exactly what you'd expect... crude, nasty, no lines are drawn in the sand. There is obviously drug use and fights and arguments and downright touching moments to balance it all out, as well as plenty of adventure. The plot goes from serious to hilarious many times during the film. But why wouldn't anyone expect that, Ted 1 does the Same thing. Either way, If you're into crude humor that likes to intentionally cross lines and annoy the "politically correct", this movie is perfect. And there are TONS of "F bombs" in this movie...lots...obviously.

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An Apocalyptic Masterpiece!, 15 May 2015

This movie is basically like Water World meets Twisted Metal, only on dry land, and more Artistically done, without an overly elaborate plot.

This movie is very Primitive, Gritty and Real and gets to the point. Yet it does so without selling on Excessive Gore or other typical sell-out ploys. There's not a lot of character development or very "forgiving" moments, yet it still shows just a hint of compassion on the surface on occasion. Deaths are very UNpredictable, and countless people dying. The photography was amazing, fight scenes are done old-school, meaning they don't take 6 different camera angles to show a 2-second punch scene. It's done in longer takes, so it's easy to follow with the eyes. Yet some some scenes move really fast, like it's simulating the effects of adrenaline or drug induced viewpoints. The film style was unique, kinda like a quentin Tarantino movie, yet not nearly the same, very artistic, yet raw. The music is also like an orchestra going along with the movie the whole time adds to the drama.

The custom vehicles in this movie are flat-out IMPRESSIVE, I guarantee you, they must have dumped some Serious cash to build them, tons of fabrication, not 3d effects or "prop magic"...these cars look like the Real Deal. Just a great masterpiece, on a sick scale!

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I actually liked it!, 28 February 2014

Yes, it's cheesy and contains plenty of insanely nerdy moments. But it's also very bad ass and plenty of scary action! This movie potentially crosses into new territory, by having such an odd mixture of Classic Cars, Music, Toughness, Gore.....and fantasy role play. The comedic timing in this movie isn't everyone's cup of tea. It has tons of Laugh-out-Loud moments, and they are PERFECTLY timed at the most awkward moments. So if you're not paying close can miss 'em. But there are some Great quotable lines in this movie, no doubt.

Steve Zahn is great in this movie, Just the awkward and sporadic comedy moments you'd expect from him! I couldn't believe he signed up to be in this movie at first, but wow he nails it. -- Jimmi Simpson is also uncomfortably hilarious. Many people know him from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", and there's nothing normal about this guy, so enough said! And of course Peter Dinklage is HILARIOUS...I can't even begin to explain. You just have to trust me on this one. Overall, I thought the movie was hilariously stupid, yet seriously cool!

Cop Out (2010)
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Not THAT bad, some people expect too much, 17 April 2010

Like I said, i guess some people were expecting WAY too much here. If anyone was expecting to compare this to clerks or any other Kevin Smith film, you probably need to A.) get a life and B.)not even waste your time babbling

This WAS NOT written by Kevin Smith......period. He directed it, which means he simply took the job as Director. And don't tell me for a second that you wouldn't take the job, because no one will believe you, especially considering if they mentioned they were going to hire Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. After all, it's not like people are knocking at Kevin Smiths door begging him to direct movies every day. So he's a writer and director, he will go where the work is! Smith simply got left with a cruddy script, and forced to deal with it and direct it!

Now okay, with all the purely stupid "Kevin smith flaming" aside.

This movie was pretty funny. It definitely had a lot of cliché or obvious moments in the movie. But if you can put those aside, it's not THAT bad.

Tracy Morgan was being just that...... Tracy Morgan! Here's another area I have a problem with, people bashing Morgan for a poor performance...... He was FUNNY in this movie! He didn't exactly shine, but he was his normal edgy, goofy self. Seriously what were people expecting? A golden award winning performance? Ha..... Give me a break. Tracy definitely held the movie together.

Bruce Willis was pretty funny as well. Again, were people seriously expecting a grammy performance? This is a cop action/ comedy, bruce WAS funny, i love seeing him throw around the F word and cursing in every sentence, and considering Die Hard 4 was censored to hell, this movie shows he can still talk like he did in the original 3 Die Hards. People also mentioned how he "dragged" through the film. I disagree, his character IS a little slower and angry, but wouldn't you be too if you just lost your job as a police officer? So now that we have some logic here, Bruce wasn't that bad at all. Like I said, he acted pretty solid, threw tons of F bombs around, and I was just glad to see that! It really made him look young again and reminded me of some of his earlier films!

Sean William Scott was also in this film, and trash talked too. Once again I disagree, I thought he was his typical self! He wasn't quite as great as in dukes of hazard or evolution, but he does have some funny lines in this movie! Not to mention, he still looks young and active, so nothings really changed. ( and watch a few minutes into the credits, it's pretty funny)

Overall it's a pretty funny action cop movie, with some typical cliché moments. I thought the bad guys were really lame and fairly new edge typical too. There are a few failed attempts, but other than that, it's a funny movie if taken lightly and as long as your not expecting a ground breaking comedy. It's not going to win any awards, but it's just goofy, funny and kind of quirky.

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