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This list is about those amazing and talented people who have inspired me all my life and i wish to get a chance to work with them. This is a nasty and lengthy list but still there are many many people i want to work with whom i have not mentioned... No Offences.
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This list is of both very famous and those who are not so famous stars which are ugly but still famous. Some are pretty much known as ugly but posses good talent, some are very ugly but manage to make people believe they are beautiful.
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These People always give such rotten and stupid performances and movie. Some of them think they are so funny but actually hey are not. Some have not grown with their ages and some are non comic material but still they do one after one comedies which luckily all are trash.

And i want to tell that i am not kind of person who does not completes a movie once started watching it. But these actors give me such stupid things that my appetite just blast and i have to shut it down.
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Well it seems that 2010 was year of big dis appointments.Most awaited and big movies were falling flat on meter.So in this list i consider only most awaited and big budgeted or big star cast films who no matter smashed box office but still are ashamed to be movies.
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This is kind of new thing i am doing online. I have many movies is my computer awaiting my attention and i do not know which should i watch. So here is the deal i am making this list, and inviting all people to suggest me which movie i should watch next. I will watch movies in the order of suggestions(1st comment,1st to be watched) but one person should suggest on movie out of the list. and after i have seen a movie ,i will delete it from the list. So You Go
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There are actors i like because of their persona (Angelina Jolie ,Halle Barry, Brad Pitt) they are good actors too but in this list i have added the actors who have their unique style of acting and i would really love to work with them as i am sure it will be great experience. So ,Without any offenses to my regular hot favorite actors, this list is dedicated to the people with tough acting style.
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No i dont mean that people watched them once, what i mean that they were block busters and i really do not like these movie. These are so rotten and gross but still are big hits.
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Well we all respect Academy Awards but what we see that it still misses it sometime. So this list of mine names the movies which in my opinion should have won or just nominated (if its not nominated) Oscar rather then the other movie.