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Thirst (1979)
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Interesting, atmospheric modern-day vampire movie, 2 October 2007

In this late 70's Australian horror, Kate Davis is abducted by a strange Brotherhood, a secret society of vampires, and is taken to their farm where humans are kept as cattle to feed upon.

There Kate learns that she is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Bathory, but refuses to accept her birthright as a vampire that the Brotherhood are determined she will inherit.

Good, atmospheric horror has good acting, direction and score, and the modern day vampire farm theme is certainly interesting. Not much character development or plot, but great production, special effects (for the time) and direction means this film is well worth watching.

8 out of 10.

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Very effective chiller, 22 May 2007

Well made horror/suspense movie from the early 70's about a woman (Farrow), blinded in a horse-riding accident, who goes to live with her Uncle in a house in the English countryside. While she is out with her old boyfriend, something is happening to her Uncle and the rest of her family back in the house. But on returning, how can she know when she cannot see?

Good suspense - sometimes the viewer is a step ahead of the blind woman, other times we are as blind as she is, a great score and good acting by all makes this a wonderful movie for a rainy afternoon. Interesting to see Michael Elphick and a young Paul Nicholas along for the ride too.

Beautifully photographed and directed.

5 out of 5.

The Asphyx (1972)
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Wonderful horror film, 28 September 2006

The Asphyx is a genuinely creepy British horror film with wonderful cinematography and an intelligent script. I also love the score - the main theme is beautiful. The atmosphere of Victorian England is captured well, and the lighting and costumes are well done. The acting is good too, from such well-known actors as Robert Stephens.

An eccentric scientist tries to gain immortality by capturing his Asphyx (the spirit that appears as you are about to die).

Watch out for the first and last scenes of this movie, as they really are eerie and clever. I recommend that you buy this on DVD as it is a movie you will watch every Halloween.

Full marks 10 out of 10!

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Only two laughs, 24 November 2003

This is awful. There are only two laughs in a movie, that is supposed to be a romantic comedy! It seems they used all their budget up on the 3 main stars, as there are no scenes in England, and also very little location-shooting in the actual movie.

Every stereo-type imaginable is used, and there are no good scenes.

A really bad movie.

A disappointment, 6 October 2003

I'd heard more positive than negative reviews, before I watched this movie, but in the end, I was left disappointed.

I can see what they tried to do - a deep, psychological thriller about a lonely guy who works in a Photo shop, obsessed with a family, but it didn't work, for me.

Close-ups of Robin Williams - that's been done before. Who on earth thinks that a close-up of his face creates tension in a movie? Does he get praise for his ability to look moody, and staring off into the distance? I think it's just an excuse because they can't think of anything to say.

Oh well, it limped along like a wounded dog and in the end, left me wanting "Phone Booth" instead of "One Hour Photo".

Toy Love (2002)
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Fast, strange and silly, 3 October 2003

This is a really strange and over-the-top movie about young people in New Zealand. It is a roller-coaster ride of a story about people cheating on each other and makes us think about what attracts us to people in the first place.

They throw too much into it, there are so many twists and turns but alot of the twists are repetitive. However, it is good fun, and although not many of the characters are likeable, they do entertain us.

Worth watching.

Mac and Me (1988)
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Hidden Meanings!!, 6 March 2003

Yes, that's right, this great movie has lots of hidden messages.

Like when little Mac's parents are calling to him from their desert planet (I think it's the same one as in Star Wars), if you play it backwards they are reading satanic messages! And then there's the MacDonalds dance with all those sexual innuendos (amazing), and then there's the final becoming an American citizen scene - look at the back and you can see a ghost that was there when they were filming, and they CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA!

I heard the little thing that played Mac was killed in a "loaded shot-gun mix-up" incident when they were finishing filming, and for one or two scenes they had to get another thing to play Mac.

Well, anyway, it's awful.

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Great drama from the Flumps, 6 March 2003

The Flumps was a "children's" drama series, concerning the lives of the Flump family - Posie, Perkin and Pootle, their father, mother and grandad. One of the most tear-jerking episodes concerned Pootle's consternation that the moon appeared to have fallen into a bucket of water. The moment when he realised that it was the reflection of moon in the water, was a heart-breaking piece of British television.

And the narrator, Gay Soper, sounded like she had a really bad cold, which really added to the tension of the whole piece.

A great British institution, along the lines of the Wombles.

"Watching" (1987)
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Brilliant comedy - I miss it!, 5 March 2003

Fantastic comedy set in Liverpool. Great performances from everyone, including Liza Tarbuck.

It was hilarious tale, about a couple who fell in and out of love. He wasn't her dream bloke as far as her imagination was concerned, but as far as being the perfect match was concerned, he was ideal!

ITV, please re-run it!

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It was brilliant!, 4 March 2003

I loved this. Watched it every Friday night, coming in late from the pub, 12.30am Channel 4. Great characters, great lines.

"Do you like my period costume?"

"You mean you wear that every month?"

See what I mean? The best comedy to come out of Australia. I loved some of the scenes where they asked "Who wrote this?" and would look around for an answer, or we saw the live audience, or the microphone donked someone on the head!

If you ever see it, you'll love it!

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