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The Big High: One of the Best Episodes of the Series, 9 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is definitely, for me, one of the best in the series!!! This episode clearly shows that drug use can lead to tragedy. You can see that the couple in this episode loved their daughter very much and would never intensionally harm her. But because of their drug abuse, it caused a terrible tragedy. Regardless of what some reviewers have said, I truly believe that this type of thing can happen to people under the influence of narcotics.

Also, this the first and only time, I believe Friday was at a loss for words. He was so frustrated, he does not say a word but instead crushed the bag of pot in a rage. Gannon is so shaken he must leave the room to throw up.

I do however find a few flaws with the episode. First of all, how can Friday & Gannon quickly assume the baby is dead. Why don't they at least try to do CPR on her to revive her instead of just standing there doing nothing. Then they can say the child is dead. Also in the end sentences, they said nothing about the couple being charged with possession of narcotics, as they also should have been charged with that.

I also would have liked to know the grandfather's reaction to this tragedy. He probably was so devastated by this loss that he never spoke to his daughter again.

All in all, however it was a great episode and one I will never forget!!

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I Can't Understand All the Hype about this Movie???, 14 December 2008

I had never seen this movie, so tonight we went to the video store to look for a Christmas movie & I saw this so my wife & I agreed to rent it.

HONESTLY, I do not understand all the hype about this movie. The entire movie was STUPID!!! Stupid kids, stupid parents (what parent would order a lamp shaped like a leg of a playboy bunny??? What example is that to set for their kids!!!) The teacher was disgusting!!! What parent would tell their kid to eat their food like a pig!!! I am sorry, but this film did nothing at all for me or my wife!!! P.S: Usually my wife & me disagree about movies; If I like it she dislikes it & vise-versa. But this one we both agreed was not worth our time!!!

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One Of the Series Best Episodes!!!, 5 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have seen most of the Bonanza Episodes; however, not very many moved me as much as this one did.

This episode begins when Laura White and her Father Captain Matthew White come to visit the Ponderosa. The White's were old friends of the Cartrights when they lived in New Orleans and Little Joe & Laura were childhood friends. The next day Joe & Laura go for a carriage ride to the lake and cabin. While there, both realize they have a strong attraction for each other. It begins to storm heavily (thus the title) and they are forced to take shelter in the cabin. They spend the day together & then the romance begins. Upon arriving home, Captain White is outraged at Joe for being gone so long with his daughter; he even goes so far as to hit Joe, knocking him down!!! Joe then surmises that the man simply does not like him. Despite this, Joe loves Laura and asks her to marry him. He then along with Hoss & Adam decide to fix up the old cabin to be his & Laura's home after they are married. He has them promise him not to tell her; he want it to be a surprise!!! A few weeks pass and the cabin is finished. Joe however is afraid to ask Captain White for Laura's hand in marriage; he's convinced White dislikes him. Ben agrees to speak to Matthew for him. When Ben confronts him, at first he does not want to talk about it. Finally, he informs Ben that Laura is terminally ill and has less than a year to live; however he couldn't bring himself to tell her. He explains that he really has nothing against Little Joe; he couldn't encourage their marriage under the circumstances. Ben states that they both must know at once.

When Ben tells Joe the news, he is devastated; and that night Laura upon receiving the news from her father runs away up to the cabin. Joe follows her and finds her at the cabin, dying. Joe tells her he loves her and she dies in his arms.

A few days pass and Joe goes to pay one last visit to the cabin. Ben comes in to comfort him. He gives him the same advise Adam's Grandfather gave him when Adam's mother died: "Keep a warm place in your heart for her, but don't carry her on your shoulder for the rest of your life".

This was truly a excellent episode; one of the few episodes that almost made me cry. The other one was "Forever" from season 14; please see it if you have the chance!!!

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A Great Episode!!!, 31 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't understand all the negative comments about this show. THis has always been one of my favorite episodes of the series. I think the show had some good issues and does not date even until today. It showed how children of neglectful parents could react and the consequences it could bring.

As for the questions about did the parents call the police and report the kids missing? Perhaps they did, but who cares!!! The real moral is the children were not happy with those mean parents (the mother was an absolute b___h) and they had found a better place and went to live there. And I think Aunty T was a sweet old lady who loved children, not a witch. She looked more like the sweet grandmother to me.

I think Rod's (Serling) comment at the end summed it up greatly: "A brief epilogue for concerned parents: We grown ups know there's no such a place as the gingerbread house of Aunt T or a door at the bottom of a swimming pool that leads to a secret place. But who knows what the world of children of unwanted parents can become. For Jeb and Sport Sherwood their need for love turned fantasy into reality. They found a secret place in the Twilight Zone."

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One Of My Favorite Color Episodes!!!, 13 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This has to be one of the best color episodes of the series.

The plot involves a Hilbilly named Sylvester J. Superman (Chuck Connors) who actually believes he's Superman. He is hired by a woman to brink a lemon pie to her fiancé who is stationed in Alaska. A crook also wants the pie and goes to Alaska to steel the pie. The real Superman then gets involved and...

Classic Line: Sylvester: "You better be careful flying through the air like that; your liable to hurt yourself!!!" Superman: "Don't worry; I'll be careful!!!"

I won't say anymore!!! It is a great episode with a funny twist. One of the few comic episodes of the series!!!

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One Of My Favorite Color Episodes Also!!!, 13 May 2006

I also liked the episode. It was full of adventure from start to finish.

My favorite scene: when Clark Kent goes into the tub of acid as Kent and comes out as Superman!!! I think that part was very well done.

I think there were a few goofs in the ep as well, however. Lois Lane, White, & Olson all ask Superman (when he rescues them) about the other two, but no one asks about Kent? Also, when the one crook says to the other (in Jail)that they saw Kent sink into the acid. They clearly left before Kent went in the acid.

Despite these few minor flaws, it was a great show!!!

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Best of Season 2!!!, 27 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is by far one of the best eps of season 2!!! This plot involves a criminal who gets plastic surgury to look exactly like Superman. He then goes robbing and stealing everywhere around the city.

Clark Kent thinks he's crazy and even goes to see a psychiatrist. Superman ends up capturing the fake guy and his aids in the end.

Great episode with a great villain.

Look for Hayden Rorke(of I dream of Jeanie) in a small (uncrdeditted) roll as a psychiatrist. Ironicly, he'd go on to play a psychiatrist in Jeanie as well!!!

George Reaves also plays a duel roll in this one; he plays the hood who mascarades as himself. Great fun!!!

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One of My Favorite Episodes!!!, 27 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of my favorite episodes of the series!!!

The plot involved an insane wax museum owner (Madamme Selena) and her wimpy husband (who does anything his mad wife tell him to do). The woman seemed to have the power to predict peoples deaths. Clark Kent always suspected something was rotten here. When Perry White's Death is predicted and he disappears, Kent decides to investigate. Lois also decides to investigate by hiding in the museum after hours. She sneaks into the basement and finds White and three other men locked in cells. She tries to escape and call the police but is stopped by Selena and her husband who chloroform her and locks her in another cell.

Meanwhile, Kent and Inspector Henderson arrive at the museum to search the place. When Henderson leaves to look at their private quarters, Kent changes into Superman and crashes down the basement. When Salena sees the hatch open, she goes running. When she spots Superman trying to rescue the drugged Lois, she orders her husband to shoot the caped intruder. Superman quickly decks him, but Selena grabs the gun and tries to kill her captives. Superman throws her into the arms of Henderson kicking and screaming.

A great episode with a evil villain and a hilarious stooge to help her!!!

Last of the "True" Sit-coms, 3 August 2005

I really believe The Cosby Show was the Last of the true sit-coms. Here was a good clean show, unlike most comedies that are on today. He and his wife taught the kids morals and that is missing from most sit-coms on today. There was no sex talk on the show which also made it great. Most comedies today are nothing but sex jokes. You don't mind it once in a while, but the way it is portrayed today on TV is outrageous.

This was one of the few shows that I wish would have lasted a little longer. What I'd like too see shortly is a reunion show or movie. It could show the other kids married and raising children of their own etc.

I salute the Great Bill Cosby for making this show. It really rocked!!!

"Roseanne" (1988)
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I Never Liked This Show, 3 August 2005

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I cannot believe all the positive remarks about this program. I watched the show only once or twice and I absolutely could not stand it. I never felt Roseanne herself was funny; I think she is repulsive and vulgar. Her jokes didn't ever make me laugh and I think I have a pretty good sense of humor.

I also didn't like the way those kids talked to their parents. The made the back sass them and even curse at them. That's no way to portray children talking to their parents.

Again, I'm sorry if I offended anyone who likes the show, but that is my opinion and I must stick to it.

For me, I think the Cosby show was a far better show; the kids on this show were portrayed in a much better way and I talked to their parents the Way kids should.

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