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What was the point of all that???, 26 August 2016

I'm not even sure where to begin. This film dragged on and on and I just kept thinking "I should at least see it all." So I watched it until the end and *surprise*...the ending was likely worse than the entire film. The writer(s) tried to make this film scary but in my opinion they failed miserably. I have a high standard for Horror films and while the trailer seemed interesting enough...the trailer was the only interesting part of the film. Without giving away spoilers...if you want to watch a newly- hired confused (and boring) female character wander around an old building while her grumpy and odd co-worker tells her where to go while watching from the security camera footage...then by all means this movie is for you. And then comes the weird ending. Which couldn't have come soon enough!

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Give this one a pass! Sub-par not worth the time., 20 August 2016

The trailer looked good. The premise was interesting. The actual film itself...well...I just kept hoping for it to end or at least provide SOME sort of creepy factors. This movie may work for some but true Horror and Thriller fans will be disappointed. If you can get past the obnoxious and facetious character of one of the main actors well you're definitely more patient and forgiving than me. He was absolutely AWFUL. Condescending...and much more. Horribly written character. In addition I was very discouraged by the police and how they handled certain situations. Finally this movie may as well be re-named "Masked Stabbers" trying in some way to perhaps be like Scream (but failing miserably). I am not sure how this film garnered 5/10...definitely beyond me. Pass.

The War on not about Drugs at all, 1 March 2016

This sobering documentary is a must-see film certainly by all Americans and the rest of the world as well. We see how (now illegal) drugs were sold and used in pharmacies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There is excellent historical footage and documents, not to mention stories from those who were deeply affected, simply by their poverty level or the colour of their skin. Ronald Reagan, despite waging the "war on Drugs", made the entire situation much worse and ignored statistics. Throughout the film, we follow the narrator through his personal experiences as well as the drug issue on a wide-scale, looking into prisons and how the system is completely prejudicial. A VERY important film.

Krampus (2015/I)
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When Toys Attack...Great Film!, 1 March 2016

This movie certainly peaked my interest. At first you may think "Oh, another Christmas-time scary horror film" as I did but it is so much more than that. It has a great cast, great storyline based on an ancient legend, and I can't quite compare it to any other Horror film I have seen in the recent past. The story begins like most Christmas-themed films, family arriving for the Holidays, decorations, lots of food, comedic remarks and such. Krampus is not terribly horrific, but there are a few jumpy and creepy moments (of course, this depends on your personal taste). There isn't a dull moment in the film, it goes by quite quickly and has some interesting features that one would not expect. The ending was well done. Krampus is worth seeing, at any time of year!

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Does not live up to expectations; few scares, no depth as a prequel, 1 November 2015

The first Insidious was very interesting and well done - a neat concept in the horror genre; Insidious 2, while not quite as good as the first one, also had a great storyline. With Insidious: Chapter 3, set as a prequel, I had high expectations and looked forward to seeing how character Elise grew to become who she is, where her talents came from, all while enjoying another "insidiously" creepy tale with genuine scares. Unfortunately, while there were some jump-worthy moments, this 3rd film really failed to deliver like the first two did and I feel that true horror fans (especially those who really liked 'Insidious') will be left disappointed as I was, not to mention the fact that watching the prequel will not benefit viewers of the first two films, nor are the first two films necessary to be be seen before seeing this one. What exactly was the point of this "prequel"? I don't really have a clue except to make money off the success of the first two in the franchise.

If you're easily frightened and haven't seen these others and are looking for a scare then by all means, rent Chapter 3. Otherwise, this film is not required viewing to understand the first two.

Unholy (2007)
What the hell just happened for 1h25mins?, 20 September 2015

Always seeking a great under-rated true horror film, I thought I'd give this one a shot. After all, Skew (a GREAT film) received poor reviews but was extremely good. With Unholy, I have NO idea what was going on, the music was awful, I kept waiting for some horror to happen but was let down. There are (arguably I suppose) no ghosts, there is a strange maternal issue and a daughter who apparently commits suicide (as shown in the trailer, and a cellar that also serves as the "scary place". Throw in some kids, snow, a weird grocery store clerk and a bit of WWII history and...well, that's the film. If anyone can come up with a positive and comprehensive review of this film, I applaud them, really.

Camp X-Ray (2014)
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Brilliant and well done. Stewart and Maadi exceed expectations., 23 August 2015

Some would say this film is very simplistic in nature. We get it, the "detainees" are there for being terrorists. But is that so? Or is this film about humanity and our ties to all persons, regardless of ethnic or religious background, and the ever-existing dilemma of Guantanamo Bay? Kristen Stewart certainly does not disappoint, nor does Maadi. Their characters are well developed and explore much beyond the cells and fences that confine them both, in a sense. This film has so much to offer the viewer who takes the time to focus. We are privileged to even enter such a horrible world. The writer, producers and directors of this film knew absolutely how to pull us in, although they need not have tried very hard. As we are left in ambiguity, one question remains for me: Why has Guantanamo Bay not been shut down?

Excellent film in every way and excellent actors.

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Brilliantly Dark Comedy/Crime Thriller, 5 July 2015

Very pleasantly surprised by The Perfect Host. This film has a little bit of everything: a dark side, comedic relief, twists and turns, crime...and a gracious host (well-played by David Hyde Pierce)!

David Hyde Pearce (in character) has a most amazing and peculiar dinner party complete with a multitude of interesting guests. His dark side begins to show near the beginning of the film when a surprise guest (played by Clayne Crawford) arrives. What follows is extremely entertaining, dark, humorous, psychologically thrilling and to say more would spoil this film.

The twists and turns in this piece of perfection lead to a perfect ending! David Hyde Pearce's performance is so well-done and charismatic that you can't help but watch all the way through, even twice! Great, intense, and thrilling film! Can't recommend it enough!

Maleficent (2014)
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Good film, interesting adaptation of the tale, great soundtrack/music., 13 April 2015

Out of all the Fairy Tale films this past year, I certainly preferred 'Maleficent' over 'Into the Woods', although the two are quite different: whereas Into the Woods combines a combination of tales and singing, Maleficent does not (of course, there are more details that make the films differ greatly but I do not want to include spoilers).

Maleficent had excellent use of special effects/CGI animation and wonderful music throughout the film. It was very interesting to learn of how Maleficent came-to-be in this version and Angelina Jolie did a great job in this role. Sam Riley, as always, was brilliant and Dakota Fanning was quite charming...but a bit too cutesy at times. Fabulous detail in the costumes; all the wonderfully delightful creatures of the "enchanted" forest were fabulously executed. Great for adults and kids alike. And did I mention the score? It's beautiful.

One thing I did not like, in relation to the film, was how the pronunciation of Maleficent was done (in the film trailers, promos, etc.). In the original Sleeping Beauty (1959), Maleficent was pronounced 'MaLIFecent'. In this new film, why change the pronunciation? It sounded so strange every time I heard 'MaLEFFicent'.

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Good musical, comedy, adventure, fantasy film, but not great. A bit flawed., 24 March 2015

To categorize this film as one genre is nearly impossible. There are elements of musical theatre, drama, comedy, adventure and fantasy (at times probably too dark for some). The cast is amazing of course, all big names, all sing well. An interesting combination and interpretation of certain fairy tail elements and one is never quite sure what comes next. As has been stated in other reviews, Johnny Depp's character could be seen/portrayed in a negative way along with some other dark and unexpected comments. Personally, I like the dark stuff but I would not recommend this film for under 14. Aside from Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep, I did enjoy Emily Blunt's character as well as Anna Kendrick. Would I have paid to see this in a cinema? No. Should you check it out? Why not. We all have different tastes, perhaps this review helps you out somewhat at least.

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