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The only thing amazing was the amount of patience I had watching this, 30 June 2012

What was wrong with this flick? I'm gonna say 7 out of 10 things, which is prolly why I gave this a 3 rating.

Shortcomings -

1. The intro was way too long to get Spidey started with his 'bag of tricks'

2. The action sequences were few and far between

3. This reminded me of a typical Bollywood movie with script you'll understand when you watch it (I beg you don't, though)

4. Dr. Lizard... really?? I'm sure this is not what Stan Lee had in mind when he created him

5. Andrew Garfield is better off playing the cat. Toby was far more convincing as Spidey


7. The latter part of the movie got me very restless, wanting it to end ASAP

The pluses -

1. The special effects were good, although I don't think I saw all that was shown in the trailers

2. Emma Stone was a pretty as ever

3. Big fan of Spiderman - which is why the 3rd star was a grace

Flypaper (2011)
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Funny just got funnier!!, 10 December 2011

The moment the fun started in the movie, I was laughing out loud till the very end. Its got intelligent, witty and sarcasm type of humor and never fails to make your belly hurt. If anyone ever actually did a ROFL, it would be while watching this movie.

Its got a plot inside a plot, which makes it a very clever piece of entertainment. Not for once, would you confused about the state of events. Its depicted in a clear manner, which would be understood to all.

I don't believe I've seen a similar plot in any movie which makes this very original and different. With all the humor, twists and the whodunit, its a definite watch.

If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for..

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Even for a believer, with a pinch of salt, 10 December 2011

I am believer of extra terrestrials but even I had to believe in this movie with a pinch of salt. There are parts in this movie which would make you jump out of your seat and the rest of the time, you are glued on to the screen. What do I say about Milla Jonovich? She has absolutely NAILED the performance. One might say she is equally good in this movie as she was in 'Faces In The Crowd'. Getting back to the movie, it makes you wonder, makes you wanna believe and makes them debunkers wanna laugh at it. With me, it made me wanna look stuff up online. I wish I could say what but that might qualify my review as a spoiler. Regardless of whether this movie was based on true events or not, its an absolute thriller and definitely qualifies as a 'must watch', especially for those who like Thriller and Sci-Fi genres of movies. I would have given this movie a 10 but the reason I didn't is something you would understand when you see it.

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A good beginning, 29 September 2011

Sure, the pilot of this show wasn't as good as Lost (everyone seems to be comparing this with the show), but it had all the ingredients of a good adventure-packed show.

Without getting too much in to detail, what I would have liked to have seen is some more 'believable' scenes but I am not complaining! It kept me on the edge of my seat for most part of it and not all the scenes were as predictable as one would have expected.

The synopsis of the show is out there - A group of people go back in time on a parallel universe to try to change the present human civilization. What I don't understand is if they travel to a different time segment, how can they change the present which is on another time universe? Wouldn't the present remain the same? Maybe the next few episodes can answer that question. I would give this 8 on 10 because for me, it almost lived up to its hype and kept me wanting for more, which is all I expect from a good television show.