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real life, 3 April 2010

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This film is in the genre of lifetime movies--therefore it is does not give the darkest view of this profession. However, the person who wrote the review stating that this film does not portray the reality of this profession is not completely knowledgeable about this line of work. Therefore the statement: ''guaranteed the reality is much starker and does not end with someone going back to acting class or entering law school'')--is not well informed. Lifetime movies--derived from real life or dealing with a real issue typically show the character transformed by end--in this one, the main character does re-focus her energy back on her original career goals. Therefore art imitates life. There are MANY go go dancers, strippers, call girls, etc, who certainly have gotten out of the ''adult entertainment profession in question'' and gone on to another chapter in their life. This movie portrays the lure of this profession--flexibility in hours, higher wages, and indulging in men's sexual fantasies. I actually even know the girl--jill morley--who wrote and starred in the one-woman show which inspired this lifetime movie! She is an inspiring person. Movies like these are important--and lifetime has really mastered this genre-telling stories derived from everyday women's lives who overcome obstacles, life changes, and are poster women for today's serious issues.