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There is no better!, 28 May 2003

I began watching 60 Minutes around 1979. I was in high school and I have never stopped. As someone mentioned before me, it is definitely formula, but the formula definitely works. 20/20 and the multitude of other news shows that have attempted to imitate it have never come close. Watch this show and you will definitely learn something!

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Just a bad movie!!!, 26 April 2003

This is a perfect example of bad writing. Yes . . . Halle Berry is beautiful, but that doesn't up for mediocre acting and an overall weak movie. I saw this piece of crap on cable and the guide gave it *1/2 (out of 4*). They were being generous! I give it 2* (out of 10*)

Gattaca (1997)
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A Thinking Person's Movie, 26 April 2003

This was an excellent movie. If your idea of a good science fiction movie is mega special effects and ultra action, this movie is not for your. Now don't get me wrong, I loved all the "Star Wars" movies and "The Fifth Element," but this movie was marvelous. It deals with the triumph of human achievement. Many people might think this movie is too slow, but don't compare it most of Hollywood's typical Sci-Fi action flicks. It has a well-conceived plot accompanied by wonderful music. If you haven't seen it, please give a try. If nothing else, it will give you plenty of food for thought and an interesting post-movie conversation. I give this one a 9 (out of 10).

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Saturday mornings, NBC (channel 4), 7:00AM, 11 April 2003

As a child, this was one of my favorite shows. It would start my Saturday morning lineup. Colonel Bleep and his friends would battle evil and go to far off worlds all in a half hour. I've only met one other person who remembers this show.

I always enjoy Stephen King's books, but . . ., 24 March 2003

I was quite disappointed in this movie. It just didn't work. Now I know that King's books usually don't translate well into movies and this one was no exception. I haven't read this book yet, but it was obvious that many crucial elements of the story were left out and what the viewer got a crammed mess of a plot. I was intrigued by the movie and I will end up reading the book, but that doesn't make it good movie. For those of you who have never read any of King's works, he is a very good writer. He not only has a gift for creating an intriguing story, but he knows how to tell it well. One of the most crucial elements in of his works is how he takes you into his character's minds. That is one of the main reasons why his stories don't translate into film. I am an avid moviegoer, but movies can't consistently show how a person thinks. If you want to enjoy Stephen King read his books. I give this movie *** (out of 10).

I enjoyed the first one, I loved the second one!, 16 January 2003

Now I must admit, despite being an avid reader, I have never read any of the books. These movies, especially "The Two Towers" have inspired me to read "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" and "The Hobbit." Though I enjoyed the first movie, when it was over I was ready to leave the theater. With "The Two Towers" I could have stayed for another three hours. I was throughly engrossed in it and I think that the special effects were used to enhance the story rather than dominate it. The final battle scene was incredible. Many people commented on some of the flaws of the battle scene, I won't comment on them. I will only say that it was obvious that an incredible amount of detail went into creating a scene that is destined to become a Hollywood classic. I can't wait to see the final movie. Unlike Dune (by David Lynch), which was visually stunning, but difficult to follow if you hadn't read the book; this series has invested the time and the money to satisfy someone who hasn't read the them. And I will definitely read the books.