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One of the best movie ever!, 4 February 2009

When i first heard about the movie, i was not so interested, even with those movie trailers which were not so interesting according to me. But i happen to get to see the movie by n accident and guess what it was one of the best movie i've ever seen. The movie not only is emotional, it also shows the "lost family values" which is so much needed in todays world. Apart from that, the movie takes on a tour to a different dimension where Clint's performance was mind blowing and i think he was the right guy for that role. The movie has so many places where do feel like crying or its somewhere connected to you.

If seen closely i think the movie also shows a pint of cultural mixture, but whatever it shows or does, the movie is a must see for all ages. I'm sure you can learn something out of it because these kind of movies bring about a revolution in cinema!. Hats off!

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What kind of movie is this??, 1 February 2009

I think the movie is made with nothing in mind. I don't know how can anyone think that stuff would make someone laugh. The budget of the movie looks awfully low and thats not the point which is giving the movie the worst comment ever. The story is literally nothing, that kind of movie can be done by anyone and seriously this kind of a movie is not at all suitable to any age. That movie has nothing to offer, no lesson, no comedy or anything for instance. Besides the movie is even banned in some countries people in these countries are lucky that you're not watching this horrific and disgraceful movie. And i feel sorry for those people who want to escape and refresh their mind with a good movie and after seeing this its rather corrupting it.