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Holy cow, 14 February 2003

Having worked on this film back in the early nineties, I remember distinctly that I was witnessing one of the dopiest films ever being made in front of my eyes. The director, Don Gronquist, was so inept that he had us drive a huge water truck up the winding road of a mountain for a rain scene. All he filmed that night was some guys in the back of a covered truck (he could have done that in a parking lot). At the time everyone ooed and ahhed at the script (I guess it was good for Portland) but jeez louise, it was poorly written. If you can find this title anywhere, get it, because it is a great howler. Prepare your ears for one of the worst music scores ever written for a movie.

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pretty good, 3 January 2003

Although most of this has been done before, it's clear the makers of this low budget movie put a lot of effort into it. The photography and music are good, and there are some scary things in it, but some of the acting pulls it down. All in all, it's better than average for a small independent flick. 7 out of 10 stars.

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(sigh) Nobody reads scripts anymore..., 3 December 2002

You'd think that if you were going to sink a hundred or so million into a film you'd read this script and say, "...but wait a minute. This terrorist, 'The Wolf', blows up a building killing a bunch of people, is on the most wanted list, his face can be identified, so what does he do later in the film? He goes to Washington, walks into a populated area with a black brief case and sticks it between two plants. Huh? Would Bin Ladden make a public appearance in the states walking around suspiciously with a black suitcase? Hello...?" The documentary for the making on this film on the DVD shows Andrew Davis to be an intelligent, passionate man who believed in this project. Can't he figure this stuff out? Or does he figure we (the audience) is too stupid to know any better? Ultimately, the film means well and it is a cut above the rest, but Jeez, it shoulda been a lot smarter. And please, you Hollywood guys have to cast scarier actors to play villians. The actor who played the "Wolf" was about as scary as a Cheesecake Factory waiter. 2 stars out of 4.

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you're all missing the point, 26 November 2002

Carpenter's films tend to age like fine wine. When they're released, they're lamblasted by critics and fans. Ten years later, they're classics; for instance, "The Thing", "Big Trouble in Little China", "They Live", "Prince of Darkness" -- and "Ghost of Mars" is no exception. This is a tremendously entertaining film that shouldn't be viewed as a horror film, but rather, as a tongue-in-cheek western, in the vain of the Spaghetti Westerns. You all have to pull your heads out and watch this film about nine years. I'll bet you'll say, "You know what, that was a hell of a lot of fun." In the meantime, get off Carpenter's ass.

Spider-Man (2002)
pretty cool, 23 November 2002

Sam Raimi is a very gifted filmmaker, having proved himself with "A Simple Plan." He slipped a little on "The Gift", but the problem with that one was the script. Here, Sam is saddled with the same problem. The execution is perfect, the set-up is great, but the key to a great film like this is a strong villian. And that we ain't got here. This villian, the Green Goblin, seems to have only one purpose once he completes the manifistation, and it's just not interesting enough to sustain the last half.

Panic Room (2002)
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Oh, please..., 23 November 2002

Fincher was so bored with this one he moved the camera through the handle of a coffee pot. Dopey burglars, overacting, cliche situations makes this one an unintentional howler (hand jammed in panic room door for starters). This is sort of a dark version of Home Alone, with about as much characterization. Another thin script from David Koepp (see my Spiderman review).