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Just a quick reference for my friends and family in case they want to borrow one. Before any of you users ask me that snide question I'll answer it now, I HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH MY TIME!!!
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In no particular order
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Some of these titles may even exceed the original but all are good remakes. It'd take to long to make a bad remake list so instead here is....
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Directors whose work I personally don't like. There are reasons why I don't like them and the exceptional films they have made, if it applies.
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Some of these exceed the first one but not all. All are very good follow-ups to very good films. In no particular order.
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While the majority of these directors have been nominated for Best Achievement in Directing, and some have won Ocars for other catergories, these are the people who haven't taken it home and should have by now. And for which movie(s) they should have won. In no particular order.
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