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I have long been known among friends and family as a classic film snob (way more than just buff). In fact, I became so disillusioned with modern films during the mid 90s that I stopped seeing new movies altogether. However, in the last few years I've opened up and discovered the 2000s brought a spate of really wonderful movies. Here's some of my favorite films that do not fall into the "classics" category--yet.
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There are some magnificent treasures out there in the movies that you may not have ever heard of. Here are my favorites.
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As a native Texan myself, I wanted to acknowledge the actors and actresses who are also proud to be Texan and who, in this Texan's opinion, make us proud.
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This list is in no particular order, as some of these actors are held in equally high regard in my mind. To me, the hallmark of an incredible actor is when a complex moment, with all the inherent human emotion, can be conveyed merely by watching the face of the actor. It tells me that the actor (or actress) not only honestly felt the range of emotions that we complex humans feel in any given situation, but are vulnerable enough to let the camera, and thus the audience, actually SEE it in their faces. Those are moments of cinematic rapture; they can be watched innummerable times without any loss of intensity. This is, sadly, a rarer commodity these days than it was in the classic Hollywood era.
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As a self-professed Lifetime Movie addict, I know that the same actors and actresses appear time after time after time. Many of them hail from the original Melrose Place, which was my guilty pleasure for the years it aired. So many of these faces have been gracing my TV screen for many years.

While that's not bothersome most of the time, there are a few who seem to eternally portray the same character, and do it so much by rote that it becomes distracting. There are also those who seem unable to display more than a single "face." That causes me to wonder what the connection is that keeps them working all the time.
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As with my other list, as a devotee of both the original Melrose Place and Liftime network movies, I come across the same actors and actresses time and again. This is my positive list; the one where I note the busy LMN actors/actresses who have pleasantly surprised me with showing better acting chops than I would have expected.