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Mayday (2005) (TV)
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Escapist Entertainment., 3 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Potential Spoilers* This is a likable movie assuming one can suspend, for 2 hours, all sense of rational intelligence. Once the suspension has taken place, the plot is simple to follow. New S.S.T. making a trans pacific flight is accidentally shot down by Navy Weapons test. Enter hero Aidan Quinn, a seemingly stressed out single dad and weekend pilot. No Radio? No Problem...SAT. enabled text messaging will just as well. All we need is a skilled typist. Whoop! Enter Kelly Hu as the "Voice of Reason" flight attendant.

In reality, this movie was based on a very enjoyable novel by author Nelson Demille. The Novel was much better and more believable. The movie made several cuts, I am sure in the name of time and artistic licence. However, I did enjoy the film and it's frantic pace. The only problem I had was the last ten minutes. It's as though the Film Editor had too much material and not enough availiable time so the end was rushed. It's like I said...Escapist fare on a Sunday night. Not bad. NOT GReat, but not bad at all. One closing comment, It sure is good to see Charles S. Dutton back. He was very passable as the torn Admiral. And is it just me or is Dean Cain making a career out of portraying Villains? His portrayal of the "Protect our Navy and Country's Honor at all cost's" Commander was really well crafted.

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AN excellent companion piece, 19 September 2005

"The making of..." is an excellent companion piece (Availiable on the DVD release). While watching the original mini-series, I found myself becoming anxious at the thought of the series ending. Thnakfully, towards the end of the original HBO airing, "The Making of..." was announced. I was fascinated at the special effects, particularly for the episodes dealing with the "Battle of the Bulge" and how much was spent on things like uniforms (Period specific). What most amazed me, was to find that some of the principal stars were English or Austrailian! Wow, was just not a sufficient reaction. If you liked the series, be sure to see "The Making of..."

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Truly a HORRIBLE MOVIE!, 18 September 2005

Truly, a horrible movie. In the opening scene's with Ice T and Costas Mandylor in their *Cockpits*, they are supposed to be in A-6 Navy Attack Jets. ANyone that has ever seen the inside of an A-6 knows this movie was "NOT EVEN CLOSE!". The producers would have been better off just playing it like the actors were in a large Air Force Bomber. I like Costas Mandylor as an actor, I really do. This was not one of his better efforts. Ice must have been working on his own skills because I am sure this film is not something he brings up when discussing his past projects. And what was Ernie Hudson thinking? Were the Repo men being held off with baseball bats and Ernie was desperate for a payday? This is so beneath Hudson. Unless you are suffering from insomnia and you happen to catch this on FX, late one night...don't waste your time.

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Absolutely one of the best new shows., 16 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Could not disagree with *Crazyrabits* more. This is a wonderful show. *NOTE* Potential Spoilers. From the mind of Brannon Braga. Now here is a prolific Writer/Director that knows how to combine Action and Science Fiction and it shows in his latest offering.

I don't intend to bore you with comments rehashing the plot. Instead, I am going to concentrate on the excellent ensemble cast.

Right out of the gate, it's great to see Charles S. Dutton back in action. This vastly underrated actor first caught my attention when he head lined his own sitcom (ROC 1991-1994). He brings a believable sense of quiet dignity to the role of *J.T. Blalock* an honest government Spook. As the Deputy National Security adviser (NSA), Blalock is working towards the ultimate prize, that being named as the NSA. As in real life, events beyond his control thrust him into the roll of Mentor and watch dog to a motley a group of professionals, all working on a secret government crisis management project, code named "Project Threshold". Dutton demonstrates his range as a mature, skilled actor, not just another stand up comic that made the cross over to television. I mean really, could you see Ed O'Neill (Married...With Children) in this role? in this role?

Carla Gugino is as easy on the eyes as she is appealing to ones own sense of intellect. Portraying the young but brilliant Dr. Molley Caffrey is not an easy feat. Over do it with the Elitest Intellectual snob and she runs the risk of alienating a sizeable portion of the potential audience. Under play the Intellectual angle and play up the sexy single woman angle and viewers won't take her serious. 10 minutes into the show and I had already forgotten her earlier stint on "Karen Sisco".

Peter Dinklage as the wise cracking Mathematician/Linguist is the real comic relief for the show. This is the one character that jumps out because of his tendency to over indulge in alcohol and women. This guy is the bust out actor of the current television season. He was brutally funny in "Elf" and is proving to be just as sardonic in this show.

Robert Patrick Benedict as the timid but equally brilliant Rocket Scientist is kinda of hard to categorize. This character strikes me as a cross between *Monk* and Geordi Laforge. It is going to be interesting to see how the writers flesh out this character as the season develop's.

Finally, saving the best for last we have Brent Spiner as the wry, sarcastic Dr. Nigel Fenway. Welsomce back to T.V., Brent. We missed ya since the end of "Star Trek-Deep Space Nine"

Folks, if you like Science Fiction, this is quite possibly the best new series on T.V.

This show gets a solid 7 out of 10 stars.

"Reunion" (2005)
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Not bad, not bad at all!, 9 September 2005

An interesting concept. Each episode representing a year starting in 1986. Music clearance must have been a massive pain because they producers seem to hit 1986 pop music *dead on*. (I wonder what impact this will have on future DVD sales, if the show gets that far. SO, the premise is, *The Gang* reunites 20 years after getting out of high school for a funeral. So far, so good. Question is, who is the target audience? 18-24 or 18-39. Looks like it is going to take a few episodes before an audience is established. HAving said that, I did enjoy the first episode. I suppose I am biased, having worked with Alexa Davalos on *Surrender, Dorothy*. She really is the anchor of this show (Pregnant, single mom. College student in the United Kingdom. Torn between the boy she is with and the boy she loves)I was particularly drawn to Chyler Leigh as "Carla". I mean, when I was in high school, I knew a girl just like this char. All in all, this show has a shot! FOX did the right thing and got it out to the audience early. Maybe it can develop a decent enough audience that it can survive the fall on slaught. Time will tell.

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In a Word..."Awesome", 23 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Potential Spoilers!!! This is the sequel/prequel that Star Wars fans have waited decades for. We see the transition of Annakin Skywalker into Darth Vader serving the Sith Lord Sidious (Supreme Emporer Palapitine).

I have to say, I felt some sympathy for Young Skywalker, What young man has not been blinded by love of a good woman. Loveing a good woman will make a good man do bad things. It was ironic that the death of Padme, (Occuring in the Nightmares of Annakin) was actually the end result of Annakin's choices. While not stated in the film, I came to the conclusion that Padme died of a broken heart. I am reminded of the phrase "No one cheats the reaper!" In Annakin's zeal to save Padme, he actually caused her death.

Yes the acting was not Oscar worthy, but the cinematography alone was worth the price of admission. Visually stunning is the best description I can come up with. It's almost as tho you need to buy the DVD next winter just so you can put it on a Home wide screen so that you can catch all the spectacular imagery. I found myself watching portions of the screen because there was so much to see. At times, I found myself thinking "Damn! The screen is TOO BIG..." Sacrilege, I know but that is what I was thinking.

If you are reading this in hopes of determining the suitability for younger children, I can only say this. Most of the combat is *Bloodless* but the final EPIC battle between Annakin and Obiwan is not for the feint of heart. How Vader survived stretches the imagination since he was BAr B cued beyond recognition. In this scene, Lucas spared no visuals. Nothing left to the imagination. It was gory and Horrific. Very painful to watch. I would not recommend this movie for kids 9 years or younger, 10 years and older is a "Case By Case" decision and only a parent can make the call.

Let's face it, 25 years of Star Wars has come to a virtual end. I guess we will have to make do with CLone Wars in it's 30 minute version and it's love action show, currently being developed.

A definite 5 out of 5 stars, 10 on the IMDb Scale.

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Male teen Humor at it's best (Or worst), 14 April 2005

Note. No Spoilers to follow.

The Lance Krall Show (Spike TV) is at best, an exploitation of immature male teen, locker room humor. That it is on Spike TV should speak volumes about what's to come. Having seen a preview tape, I can only say that this show will probably do well enough in the Male 18-24 demographic but should fall flat in any female demo or any demo that includes males over the age of 30.

There are brief flashes of real comic ability in supporting players, Sarah Baker and Phil Cater, while the rest of the cast appear to be going thru the motions.Is this a performer flaw or a writing flaw. That is for the viewer to decide.

Some have likened it to "The Kelsey Grammar Sketch Show. While I did'nt see the connection, I do notice that Kelsey and his show were sent to the shelf, never to be seen again.

Don't get me wrong. Is here a place for "The Lance Krall Show" and others like it? Absolutely. marginal shows like this, skewing to the frat boy crowd belong in the 10:00 p.m. or later time block, and on Cable. This show is tailor made for Spike TV or the Comedy channel. But a cautionary note to execs at these two networks, Ignore the older (28-40) demographic at your own peril.

Will "The Lance Krall Show" be a break out hit for Spike? Probably not. It should do well enough with the boys to give it a full run but I seriously doubt that this is the show that people will be talking about the next morning at the water cooler.

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Reality Programming Thumb Nail, 12 April 2005

This show is proof positive that producers have no respect for the intelligent Viewers and that A & E has lost it's way. In the good old days A&E was s source of excellent programming. The kind of programming not found on any of the other Networks. Now it appears A&E has sold their soul to the devil for a few bucks. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the *Star* of the *Show* making a living but c'mon. Does anyone over the age of 21 and, even semi intelligent, really care about a bounty hunter and his family? Dog, your 15 minutes are up. Please drop the curtains and move on. Your show takes up valuable airtime better suited for intelligent, informative programming. And when ya leave, Take Nanny911, and all other shows with ya. Give us back our Airwaves. (I cannot believe I have to pay A&E for this crap disguised as entertainment)

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DVD Review Season 1, 14 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Man, I could not wait for this set to come out. Now that I have had it for a few hours, I can see that my anticipation is bing well rewarded. First of all, the specs:(NOTE...No Spoilers) Note, the following applies to Region one release only.

1:33.1 (Full Frame) Dolby Digital Surround 5.1

English and Spanish Subtitles. 3 discs-Duel Side, Duel layer. Running time is 18 hours, 25 minutes.

The transfer appears to be crisp and clear. I did not notice and drop off what so ever. I am about half way thru the set.

Anyone that remembers the original series will recall the amazing music that was played on each episode. Thankfully Universal was able to get all the necessary clearance so we hear from Phil Collins, U2, Elvis Presley, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, The Police, INXS and Glen Frey.

Watching this set is like taking a trip down memory lane. It was here that America (And the rest of the world for that matter) met a very young Edward James Olmos. There was a certain quiet intensity that was just the right balance against the flamboyant Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs.

If you liked Miami Vice and are a collector of Television, You should love this set. I know I did.

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Bad-Bad-Bad!, 14 February 2005

An Abomination before the Film Gods. Why is it that producers need to spew out garbage like this. Absolutely no spoilers follow. It is impossible to offer spoilers since the movie has no plot, no credible acting, bad effects etc. In fact, the movie spoiled my evening. 3 hours wasted. I am offering this so that you will not waste your time unless you like pre teen fart jokes, bad humor and no plot. If this is the kind of stuff you like, then it is possible you will like this movie. This assumes you are under the age of 11 years old. Son of the Mask is clear and positive proof that Hollywood will just keep cranking out crap as long as we will buy thickets. My only reward is in knowing that this film, when released on DVD, will end up in the bargain bin for 5.99 or less.(A rip off at that!)

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