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The major changes this year:

Zodiac & The Curious Case of Benjamin Button dropped off the list. Eraserhead & The Last Temptation of Christ are the highest newcomers.

The Shining, Blue Velvet, Sin City, The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford, & A Clockwork Orange have the biggest rank increase.

Collateral, Sympathy for Mr. Vengenance, & Kill Bill vol. 2 have the biggest rank decrease.
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I have now seen over 4100 movies. There have been many changes to my favorite films. the top 4 remain the same. The greatest increase was "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", last year in wasn't in my top 200 now it is at 21. The greatest decrease was "Sin City" dropping about 50 spots. Fun facts: 10 Foreign Language Films; 5 sequels; 60 different directors; and 8 Scorsese movies. Once Again I didn't include silent films and documentaries, these are on seperate lists. I don't consider My Winnipeg a documentary. Also, no Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movies; I love them too much and are rated infinity.
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I've seen almost 4,000 different movies. These represent my top 10. I've limited this list to 10 different directors, to create a more diverse list. Trying to describe these movies is pointless to me, they must be seen, again and again. I've seen these movies multiple times. I am listing these movies based on emotional value to myself. I've also set aside a special Grand Jury Prize to the following: The original Star Wars Trilogy, and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
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Listed alphabetical. Rounding out my top 100.
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I hated these movies. Really, hated.