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Pathetic, 6 April 2005

I tried watching this trite piece of garbage, but unfortunately, couldn't. Unbelievably I turned off the movie before it even ended. And, I managed to sit through other not-so-memorable flicks. First off, the stars are not believable. They are plastic and you can't help but hate each and every one of them. Now I know Bollywood films are supposed to be all about song and dance, but this isn't Bollywood. Heck, it isn't even Hollywood. It's a shameful debacle of what happens when you overdo things. Avoid this one at all costs. I can't believe the actors wasted their time making this, but then again, other than Aishwari Rai, which of those actors had a choice?

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Putrid, 24 November 2003

Having C. Thomas Howell, you'd think it would be halfway decent. But it's not. Everyone remembers Howell as Pony Boy Curtis from the Outsiders. So, they decide they have to make the audience hate him. The filmmakers try to hard by making Howell a raving psychotic racist. The ending is completely messed up. It leaves the viewer wondering what the psychotic killer has to do with the movie. It starts off as a kidnapping caper and turns into a slasher flick before you can say razzy.

Avoid this one. There are better C. Thomas Howell movies out there.

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Typical U.S. Propaganda, 11 November 2003

Saving Jessica Lynch - Please! Ms. Lynch did nothing spectacular. She was just another POW.

How many POWs have their been in the history of war and

statecraft? Where are their movies? Where are their stories? Why

does Lynch get painted as the American Sweetheart. I'll tell you why. It's all part of the pathetic excuse of U.S.

propaganda to try to justify an illegal war. Where are the so-called

weapons of mass destruction? The only reason the U.S. invaded

Iraq is because George W. Bush is a coward. Out of his so-called

"Axis of Evil," Iraq is the weakest. They have been under heavy U.S.

sanction since the Gulf War. How could they create weapons of

mass destruction? They can't. Plain and simple. Why not go after

Iran or North Korea? Iran is an unknown and the North Koreans

would kick America's ass. They don't care about the U.S. Hell,

they'd shoot nukes at the Americans. The U.S. knows if they go

against the North Koreans, then the Chinese get involved and the

Americans don't want to f--k with the Chinese.

All that was expected and more, 3 September 2003

I've anticipated this one for about four years. Being a fan of the

Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series, I was not

disappointed. Sure, this isn't exactly Lord of the Rings material, but

this was a slasher flick with all the elements. Freddy Kreuger's razor sharp (pardon the pun) wit and Jason's

relentless killing spree all make this move great. The fight scene

is all that's it's cracked up to be. Great film.

Simply magnificent, 28 August 2003

There are no other words to describe the second of J.R.R.

Tolkien's trilogy brought to life by Peter Jackson. This film is even better than the Fellowship of the Ring.

Andy Serkis' portrayal of Gollum steals the show from other worthy

contenders. The agony Gollum/Smeagol experiences as he tries

to decide his allegiances can be felt by the audience. The epic and climatic battle scene, which takes up the last hour of

this classic, has to rank right up there with some of the other great

battle scenes which movie audiences have witnessed. I personally cannot wait to see what Jackson has in store for us

with The Return of the King. One thing's for certain we won't be disappointed if the first two

installments are anything to go on.

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A true classic, 13 July 2003

What can be said about All in the Family that hasn't been said?

This show has spawned more spinoffs than any in history. It will

be remembered as one of television's greatest shows. The role of

Archie Bunker is an archtype that many of us have laughed at

because he represents the silly, far right faction. Carrol O'Connor

is one of the true comedic geniuses, not only of his time, but of any

time. To play a role to perfection for 15 years, is certainly an

amazing accomplishment. Jean Stapleton was always great as

the only person who could make Archie think logically. Edith

Bunker put up with so much, she should get the award for wife of

the year. Gloria and Mike provided some great laughs playing the

ying to Archie's yang. One of the greatest pieces of television was the final episode

before Mike, Gloria and Joey moved to California. The raw emotion

shown by Archie Bunker when they left would bring a tear to even

the most radical right wingers in our society. Truly, All in the Family will go down in history as one of, if not the

greatest, television shows of all time.

Basic (2003)
Three Card Monty, 13 July 2003

The old carny game, Three Card Monty, is the best way to describe

this movie. When you think you've figured out where the queen is,

her location changes. The movie keeps you thinking and wonder

just what exactly happened in the woods. Basic is a series of recollections of a Ranger practice gone wrong.

WHen six Rangers and their superior go into the Panamanian

jungle, only two come back alive. This film is the typical "all is not what is seems" movie. However,

you are left guessing what is happening right up to the end credits.

They (2002)
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Absolute Crap, 26 June 2003

Usually, when I watch a horror movie, I start getting interested in it within the first five minutes or so. However, I just could not get into this pile of trash. In fact, I had one eye on the screen and one eye on the DVD timer saying, "Oh good, it's only got 10 minutes left." This film is very flat. The actors are unenthusiastic about doing it. You'd think this was community service for some crime. In fact, making this movie was a crime. Wes Craven was a respected horror director. Notice the use of the word "was." Ever since he made that tripe called Scream he just can't do right. I can't believe he would put his name on this piece of crap. I can't believe this is the same man who made The Hills Have Eyes, The Serpent and the Rainbow and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Poor. On a scale of one to 10 where one is bad and 10 is a classic, this movie rates a minus-10!

Still going strong, 12 May 2003

Usually, sequels let the viewer down. However, there are those

rare films where the sequel is just as good, if not better than the

first. This is one of those films. By the end of this series of films,

the viewer will have witnessed the trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione

grow up right before their eyes. Overall, this film was just as visually beautiful as the first film.

In the first installment, Harry held his own. However, this time,

Dobby steals a bit of the show. The humour behind the character

is great. His methods of "saving" Harry though unorthodox are very

funny. I've read the first four books in the series and can't wait to see how

the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Goblet of Fire will be interpreted.

The funny thing is, based on the sights of the first films, you begin

to see the ensuing novels unfold in your mind's eye. Anyway, back to Chamber of Secrets. It's interesting the way they

tease some storylines. At the end, when Hermione shakes Ron's

hand, you can't help but realize this is a possible lead up to the

budding romance between the two. Overall this film deserves a 9 out of 10

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Excellent, 4 May 2003

Fawtly Towers is the type of show you can watch over and over again and still burst out laughing. The great thing about it is the short run. Most television shows run themselves into the ground. Most end up getting tired and unfunny. Not Fawlty Towers. It is hilarious to watch Sybill and Basil spit venomous zingers at each other. The subtle and not-so-subtle ways the show makes fun of other countries is quite funny. A definite must see for anyone who has not sat down and watched this show. I guarantee you will be hooked and become an instant fan.

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