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Of course there are more but these are some of the most interesting or exciting projects.
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List is incomplete as I intend to add at least 100 titles
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A list of human operated robot suits in live action films.
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If you're a reader, you're likely to find something in this list to make you really excited. Feel free to comment.
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Celebrities who cannot act to save their lives, or annoying always-play-themselves types.
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Only listed people who keep/kept churning out garbage because they're popular or make money.
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Since there are no pages for the titles I'm listing, I'm going to list the authors and under the descriptions are the names of the books I think would make great films.
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In no particular order, these are some of the actresses that I consider very beautiful and very sexy. I added only serious actresses, no models, no singers and no celebrities. Some I left out even though they had beautiful faces and great acting talent, were not really sexy. Others I left out because their appeal came not from physical beauty, and other because even though they were smoking hot could not act to save their lives (Megan Fox). Most of these actresses are foreign. Some are no longer young, but were exceedingly beautiful in their youth (Helen Mirren, Elizabeth Taylor). Some of my picks are not well known or are aspiring actresses. Unfortunately, some of these women have no profile pictures.