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These are the movies based on a true story or biographies or documentaries that I've seen so far. This will remain in progress. Random order with favorites at top of list.

Also, I'm aware many of these are embellished, but how good would these films be be without some creative license? Enjoy:)
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This list includes novels but also non-fiction, short stories, magazines stories or articles, poems, and comic books. All have to be published works and not screenwriter story credit. If a play is also based on a book, then those few exceptions are on both this list and my list of "movies based on plays." I do double check sources when there is any doubt to try to be as accurate as possible. Regardless of whether it is a favorite or not, if I have seen the film, then it goes on the list:)

Enjoy, AB:)
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My "novels/books/stories" list is now separate from this one except for when the movie was originally in both forms. They are listed in random order with some favorites near the top. I've seen all of these, but it doesn't mean I recommend them all. I was just curious what films were based on any literature.
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With the Royal Wedding being such a big hit, I thought I'd make a list of movies about royalty and/or nobility. These are the ones I've seen so far. My favorites are nearer the top, but mostly this is in random order..
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I just merged two lists, so some of them have the specific wars and others were set during wartime which affected the plot. Random order.
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Most of these wonderful gems are from the mid 1930's-1950's. I've included a few from the 60's that I love and an occasional Pre-Code film. Some are musical/comedies but heavy on the comedy. Enjoy, AB:)
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These are westerns I enjoyed the most with the top 30 being my top favorites in any genre and the rest being favorites or ones I at least recommend (65-the end). Enjoy, AB:)
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The Golden Age (1927-1964) - The studio system, the Hays Code (enforced beginning in 1934), the happy endings, the snappy dialogue, the incredible scripts, technicolor, fascinating cinematography, genius directors, triple threat performers, and glamorous movie stars are just a short list of all the many things that make this my favorite period in film history:)

These are in reverse order by year. I'll usually keep a top favorite at the beginning of list.

PS Sunrise (1927) is the oldest movie and only silent film that I love. I tacked it onto the end of this list because I didn't want to make a list with only one silent film;)
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Favorites from the year I was born (as the studio system declined) until the year I got married. I consider this the least desirable time in film history for me personally, but there are still many good ones on here.

They are in mostly random order with the ones I make a point to watch again nearer the top. I'll occasionally rotate a top favorite at the beginning. Enjoy:)
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These are films that required attention to detail to make them seem more authentic. This list includes a variety of genres in any time period occurring into the 2000's with most set much earlier. Right now they are in mostly random order with many of my favorites near the top. Most general westerns and war films are on my separate lists for those categories. I'll occasionally rotate my number 1.
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Modern films my family and/or I still like or liked a lot at the time. Hitch is one of my son's favorites, and he said I needed a modern list. Here it is! Films are in descending order by year except for my number 1 which is my favorite of the time period.
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This is a list of a variety of films and tv adaptations. I revisit many of them often and, like great books, consider them old friends.
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My favorite leading and/or supporting actors & actresses of my favorite viewing era - The Golden Age. The order is mostly alphabetical but favorites get priority. Actresses are mostly at the end because I combined two lists. I'll add randomly so this will remain in progress.