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These, to me, are the BEST versions of her works or those based on her life. My favorites will be rotated to #1 periodically. It's hard to pick! Happy viewing:)
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of the list. Comments are closed to keep this my "happy hobby." AB:)
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of list.
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These are the actors who draw me to a movie. Most are in several of my top favorite films. Alphabetical by first name. I'll rotate number one occasionally. Also, if I add a new one, I'll delete an old one to keep it at 100.
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My absolute favorite period:) Also, this is the "Extended Regency Era" which begins in the 1790's and runs through the time period that ends as the Victorian Era begins. Comments are closed to keep this my "happy hobby." AB:)
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of the list. Comments are closed to keep this my "happy hobby." AB:)
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of the list. Comments are closed to keep this my "happy hobby." AB:)
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This is a list of a variety of films and tv adaptations. I revisit many of them often and, like great books, consider them old friends.
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These are my beloved classics both new and old that have to do with the holiday season and/or are films I often feel more compelled to watch in the winter.
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of the list.
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of the list.
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of the list. Comments are closed to keep this my "happy hobby." AB:)
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Favorites are closer to the beginning of the list. All films set mostly or all in the USA are on my list American Period Dramas. Comments are closed to keep this my "happy hobby." AB:)
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These are the movies based on a true story or biographies or documentaries that I've seen so far. This will remain in progress. Random order with favorites at top of list.

Also, I'm aware many of these are embellished, but how good would these films be be without some creative license? Enjoy:)
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With the Royal Wedding being such a big hit, I thought I'd make a list of movies about royalty and/or nobility. These are the ones I've seen so far. My favorites are nearer the top, but mostly this is in random order..
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I don't cry that easily, but these films really made me reach for the Kleenex. This will remain a list in progress.
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These are all a little odd due to quirks of fate or peculiar traits. Some are favorites; others have something about them that make them stand out as memorable.
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Here's a mix of feature films (no TV movies or mini-series on this one) I would recommend proudly to all "chick flick" fans who are interested in the best romance films from any era. The first 100 or so are my favorites. I was going to comment on each film, but it's too much to type;)
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I'm keeping track of every western film and regularly watched tv show or miniseries that I've seen. Also, since IMDb labels certain war or frontier films as westerns, I've decided to include those.

The top 25 are roughly my very favorites. However, I love watching westerns again and again. Most any in my top 100 will do if I'm in a Western mood.

I do tend to prefer humorous Westerns and some romance if it helps the film. The extremely violent ones might be worth a watch for me, but they are rarely a favorite.

Thanks, fellow listers, for your great lists. I've found a few gems and some forgotten favorites through these lists. Enjoy, AB:)
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I'm trying to list every war film I've seen and the wars in which they are set. Most favorites near the top. Otherwise, random order. This will remain in progress.
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These are random films that I watched on a whim (some in theaters, some on tv), loved immediately, and still love.
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These are films that I love particularly for a great mix in casting. These are in random order with my favorites closer to the top. I'll rotate #1 occasionally.
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Modern films my family and/or I still like or liked a lot at the time. Hitch is one of my son's favorites, and he said I needed a modern list. Here it is! Films are in descending order by year except for my number 1 which is my favorite of the time period.
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The Golden Age (1927-1964) - The studio system, the Hays Code (enforced beginning in 1934), the happy endings, the snappy dialogue, the incredible scripts, technicolor, fascinating cinematography, genius directors, triple threat performers, and glamorous movie stars are just a short list of all the many things that make this my favorite period in film history:)

These are in reverse order by year. I'll usually keep a top favorite at the beginning of list.

PS Sunrise (1927) is the oldest movie and only silent film that I love. I tacked it onto the end of this list because I didn't want to make a list with only one silent film;)
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Most of these wonderful gems are from the mid 1930's-1950's. I've included a few from the 60's that I love and an occasional Pre-Code film. I tend to like musical/comedies, and I don't love the musical genre all by itself, so I'll be adding a few notable ones that I love.

1-130's or so I can hardly rank! These are all films I crave when I need to get a dose of happy:) 130's-216 are worth a watch or ones that are quite popular, but I don't rewatch them every time they are broadcast or pull them out of my collection to watch (some came with sets so I own them by default).

The remaining titles are pending films I've collected from other lists (thank you, fellow listers!) and have ordered them if they were a good deal or will watch when I can catch them on TV - usually on TCM which is my favorite channel:)

Happy listing:)
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These are my favorites. This list is new and now separate from my Awesome Actors list. It will remain in progress.

Also, I'll rotate my top favorite actresses in the number one spot when the mood strikes;) Otherwise, it's alphabetical.
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Favorites from the year I was born (as the studio system declined) until the year I got married. I consider this the least desirable time in film history for me personally, but there are still many good ones on here.

They are in mostly random order with the ones I make a point to watch again nearer the top. I'll occasionally rotate a top favorite at the beginning. Enjoy:)
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My favorite leading and/or supporting actors of any in alphabetical order except for an occasional rotation of my very favorite actors in the number 1 spot. This will remain in progress.

Actresses formerly on this list have moved to my Awesome Actresses list because it's easier for me.
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The music can make or break a film for me. This list will remain in progress as I listen out for new tunes to recommend and the great ones I've forgotten. Composer for scores noted if known. Some have just a song from a movie which was the time I fell in love with a song. I'm not particularly a fan of the movie musicals, but I do have some on here.

These are in random order mostly. I like to rotate my number 1 periodically to try to be fair to my favorites:)
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These are films that required attention to detail to make them seem more authentic. This list includes a variety of genres in any time period occurring into the 2000's with most set much earlier. Right now they are in mostly random order with many of my favorites near the top. Most general westerns and war films are on my separate lists for those categories. I'll occasionally rotate my number 1.
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I don't watch many tv shows. The first 39 are mini-series, movies, documentaries, or specials. They are rated since they classify as part of my movie lists. Now that I have more time, I prefer to watch movies (mostly classics), but there are a few shows here and some great childhood memories:)
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This list includes novels but also non-fiction, short stories, magazines stories or articles, poems, and comic books. All have to be published works and not screenwriter story credit. If a play is also based on a book, then those few exceptions are on both this list and my list of "movies based on plays." I do double check sources when there is any doubt to try to be as accurate as possible. Regardless of whether it is a favorite or not, if I have seen the film, then it goes on the list:)

Enjoy, AB:)
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My "novels/books/stories" list is now separate from this one except for when the movie was originally in both forms. They are listed in random order.