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Updated for August 2017.

What's the catch?

Crackle: Ads. They have a great selection of titles at any given moment, but their library does not change much from month to month. Only titles produced by Sony appear on the site.

Vudu: Ads. You must create an account to watch anything. I'm guessing they want you to start using their platform for free movies in the hopes that you will stay and pay for non-free movies in the future.

Tubi TV: Ads. You must create an account to watch mature content.

Internet Archive: Low-quality video due to all of the titles having fallen into the public domain. All of the movies are old and most are silent films from the 1920s or earlier.

Some of these movies will be removed from their host sites soon (usually at the end of the month). If there's something you're dying to see, watch it before the end of the month.
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Keep commenting below with Watchlist suggestions and please keep letting me know which entry is your least favorite. Your words fill my heart with joy.

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A Quick History of Planet of the Apes
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In 1968, Planet of the Apes hit theaters to much acclaim and great returns. The series now spans almost 50 years, 9 films, 2 TV shows, and countless fanatics.
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One entry per franchise.

Movies are chosen based on how good the action is.

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Here's a few additional/replacement acting and best picture nominees that I would add to the Academy Awards in my ideal world.

Killer Canine Cinema
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Top 25 Screen Couples
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Every movie's a horror movie for dogs. They never survive (or at least it seems that way). really helped for confirming titles. Check it out.

Best Morphing Actors
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Even more copycat matchups.

My Dream Oscar Picks
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Possibly due to independent invention, intellectual theft, or plain dumb luck, multiple studios have, on occasion, released similarly themed and/or plotted blockbusters within the same year. This list contains six of those instances.

Copycat Battle Royale: Part 2
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No theatrically-released film has churned a "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and none have surpassed a 7.0 on IMDb (the acknowledged average on this site). Many of these titles have achieved box office success, but none have left their audiences, at large, satisfied.

Another awesome list: Copycat Battle Royale
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In order to celebrate Spider-Man's incorporation into the MCU, let's take a look back at his cinematic progression.
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Actors tend to disappear into their roles. Some use genuine acting talent to immerse the audience into their universe. Others use heavy makeup and diverse accents. Gary Oldman and Christopher Guest are well known for both.
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Includes both romantic and bromantic relationships.
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Image Lists: Characters | Couples | Originals/Remakes
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Filled with guilty pleasures, genuine classics, and average movies that maybe didn't quite deserve the distinction.

Winning nominations in bold.

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I might've just based some of these reasons on movies, but they're awesome movies so it's all good.
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