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The Superhero films that are anything between good and perfect in no particular order. suggestions are welcome!
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Animated TV is for everyone, and these are the best to worst I've ever seen! if you think there is a show i should see, just post a comment and I'll check it out.
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These movies are hip and cool and stuff
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TV shows I watched and enjoyed.
In order of most pleasurable viewing
This list will get updated every once in a while.
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There are some characters that just get to you, these got to me:
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These are the actors and Actresses that I love!
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Games that blew my mind on PS3.
Gaming isn't that intergrated on IMDB, so i'll try to make it as good as I can
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Movies I really, really like!
if you don't like them, don't be a hater, just be happy someone else manages to enjoy what you can't!
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You can't argue with these turds!
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Movies set to impress, dominate or just make a lot of money! (or movies that i really want to see)
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Who can put up the best Act?

This is a list of Critically Selected Actors that caught my attention cause of extremely well acting, I added which movie was their best work (in my opinion)

please tell me what you think, who is missing, what performance was better. was I wrong about someone?
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The bad popular Superhero movies, some of these films are pretty good, but they just aren't good enough.
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Sometimes sequels are a good thing, mostly this are continuing series and sometimes they create a whole new scenario. mostly sequels are less then their predecessors but these stand out because of various reasons.
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These people Inspire me most
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These people ruin movies and TV shows for me. based on a list created by Eliminate_All_Film_Critics. just sharing my own opinion. and remember; its just an opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone or force my opinion down your throat. Im just doing this because I think it's fun!
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These people Generally make good movies