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I binged or followed these shows throughout the seasons. No animated TV shows, that's for a different list.

This list gets a lot of updates, so check it out every once in a while.
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Which TV shows had the best run of the year? ordered on personal opinion!
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I'll try and keep this list updated, this is just what I watch.
Any awesome shows I missed? feel free to comment below.
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The movies I've seen released in 2016 ordered from best to worst.
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These shows didn't do it for me, doesn't mean they are actually crap though. If a show is obviously terrible (like entourage) it isn't on here, just the shows that might deserve some kind of chance in the future
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..Maybe they are genius in their own way.. nah!
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from best to worst based on personal enjoyment
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These are the actors and Actresses that I love!
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The best creators of original content in the movie business. Who did I miss?
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These people Generally make good movies
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list of ongoing series that I personally follow.
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Sequels are mostly bad, at least compared to the original. A good sequel doesn't just go with the formula of the original, it needs to improve upon it.
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I love comedy, but I'm fairly critical. I'll do my best to make this list awesome. All types of shows can be listed, as long as it's got a load of jokes. ordered on quality of humor
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These characters RUIN the shows their in
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Good movies not many appreciated. In the past or present, if a movie was ever wrongfully treated it belongs on this list.
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These people ruin movies and TV shows for me. just sharing my own opinion. and remember; its just an opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone or force my opinion down your throat. Im just doing this because I think it's fun! If you are a fan of these people, thats fine, I'm ok with that, as long as I don't have to be '-'
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Movies that will hopefully amaze you in the future
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These movies are great because of high level inventiveness
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Movies set to impress, dominate or just make a lot of money! (or movies that i really want to see)
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The Superhero films that are anything between good and perfect in no particular order. suggestions are welcome!
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I highly appreciate the existence of these movies.
The order is a bit random, it's hard to pick a favorite out of all of these
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Animated TV is for everyone, and these are the best to worst I've ever seen! if you think there is a show i should see, just post a comment and I'll check it out.
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Movies I've seen that came out in 2013, ordered from best to worst. I'm still messing around with the list, but it's basically the same concept as my 2014 list
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The movies I've watched in 2014. I just love movies and want to show my opinion. If you're offended by my opinion just try to think of something else and maybe it'll go away.

Ordered from The Best to The Worst
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How many of these shows have you seen? Yes, cartoons can be a must watch too, what are you, 89?
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Was I wrong about these shows? please calmly explain why in the comments.
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Ordered from best to worst. Just the games I'm very familiar with.
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it's a new artform, Superhero TV, and lately business has been booming. here are my favorite (recent) superhero TV shows in order. I have followed these shows without missing a single episode so far. I will not be adding shows that haven't started yet or shows that originate from comics but don't contain any superhero's.
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Did you like one of these movies? you must have been confused. None of these movies are that bad, but they are a lot better with a big bottle of whiskey.

For a movie to reach this list it must be a bad but watchable movie
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There are some characters that just get to you, these got to me:
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Games that blew my mind on PS3.
Gaming isn't that intergrated on IMDB, so i'll try to make it as good as I can
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You can't argue with these turds!
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Who can put up the best Act?

This is a list of Critically Selected Actors that caught my attention cause of extremely well acting, I added which movie was their best work (in my opinion)

please tell me what you think, who is missing, what performance was better. was I wrong about someone?
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The bad popular Superhero movies, some of these films are pretty good, but they just aren't good enough.
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These people Inspire me most