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They're not masterpieces, but just my favorite ones. It's a collection of films that successfully entertains me. (It does not have a particular order, I simply add films here sometimes)
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Promising young talents (under 25) to watch.

Who has been here:
Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Social Network)
Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild)
Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace)
Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood)
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The collection of my favorite TV series.
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My favorite silent films.
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They are the fifteen James Bond's films I consider the best ones. (NOT FINISHED)
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Conservative and politically incorrect films & shows.
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Directors, producers, writers and other people who make (or have made) films that I like.
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The best fictional documentaries I know.
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They are my favorite stars.
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They are the ten films I consider the best ones.
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My five 2008's favorite films