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A story about mateship and commitment, 18 May 2010

Many Australian cultural males like I would probably enjoy this film I recommend every male take his girlfriend to this

Although movie is classified as a Romantic Comedy there certainly wasn't any Hugh Grant style head over heals Romance between Alice and Jim shown, in contrast we see the suburban after honeymoon phase a static couple living together. Jim his biggest challenge in life is showing loving affection to Alice, Alice now 3 years older longs for more from a partner and decides to move on, we follow Jim and Alice in their separate ways and the emotions they feel along the way.

The movie is more about the mateship between the male leads Jim & Charlie and long term mateship between Jim & Blake. What we are shown the 'first date' between Jim & Alice and their static routine 3 years later, what romance bonded them is never directly shown in the movie, however a spiritual trusting connection is evident.

This film shows how important good mates are in a mans relationship life, A mans motive for lack of commitment or expression of emotion is not always represent his true feelings. Past events, traumatic experiences or lack of experience can limit a males ability to move a relationship forward (culturally males generally don't share this or ask for help) and Blake, even the Guy who appears to holding you back, can actually be your most loyal and generous friend.

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Goog to See, but still a poor movie, 20 May 2005

This is an important movie to see if you enjoyed the other movies in the star wars series, you will probably enjoy it too, however that does not stop it from being a average movie. From the get go i felt like i was watching someone playing the Starwars video game. Immortal people, infinite strength and energy.

The script in many scenes were poor, Anakin and Obi were betrayed very badly in some scenes, the use of slideshow transitions between scenes quite annoying. Lacked chemistry and feeling for the the Anakin/Padmé relationship. Directing was very sloppy in parts and there was absolutely no feeling or heart in this movie, he made it very difficult to feel sorrow for the dead, dieing endangered, by distancing us from the plot so much we just don't care. This movie is very reminiscent of Starship Troopers 2.

It definitely would have been better if Spielberg(Saving Provate Ryan) or even Terrence Malick (Thin Red Line) were part of the direction related to war and casualties of war.

Rating 5/10 because it star wars i won't say don't bother at all, but do recommend just wait to rent it on DVD or buy as part of the Star Wars Box set in the coming months.

Or even better grab a copy of Star Wars battle front or Return of the sith video game on PC or console. much more worth your time and MONEY.

One hell of a Roller-coaster Ride, 27 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a very intriguing one, very reminiscent of Shallow Hal and Loser. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has enjoyed the entertainment of Loser and/or Shallow Hal.

as a romance Comedy it is moderately good, as A Comedy/Drama it is very very good.

i personally preferred Loser with the chemistry of Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari, but this movie is definitely worthy of your time.

It gives a interesting array of characters all borrowed from other movies, but still great to watch.

It succeeds in a few laughs (not as many as it should have), it also has the ability to make you feel for the characters.

I give this a 5.5 out of 10 Shallow Hal in retrospect i give a 6 and Loser deserved a 6

****possible spoiler*****

if you are adopted or don't have track of all you immediate family maybe this movie isn't the best for you as it is harrowing in some parts. WIll make you think twice about people you know.

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Brilliance, Fun for the whole family, 8 December 2004

I just watched this yesterday again :)

i was at my grandmothers and we all watched my DVD it 3 generations of us all watched it

all loved it from my little cousin 10 - my grandparents 70s With a steady stream of laughs, masterful & quite original plot line and includes a very intriguing character ensemble.

This movie follows the tradition of Hugh Grant playing the villain extremely well inkeeping with his debut in Bridget Jones' Diary as a villainous character.

I personally liked this slightly better then Bridget it was a little more suspenseful and serious, but all lovers of the Bridget jones' series should go an buy this. guaranteed enjoyment.

but about a boy is timeless, if you enjoy it the second time you will enjoy it forever. I mention second time as the humor is a fairly conservative and educated so you need to pay attention. Or you will definitely miss the hilarity of Hugh Grants character as it isn't directly implied like skit comedies such as Road Trip and Old School. which are boring after 2 views.

don't leave the store with a copy or two of this.

rating 8.2/10

*Arghhh I've wounded his soul:'( **ohhh SHUT UP your wounding my soul!!