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the secret life of the American teenager, 21 January 2009

i think that although the secret life of the American teenager talks about a 15 year old girl getting pregnant which is not something that should be taught or allowed in our youth today, this is a great show. it teaches us that if we do something wrong, we have to handle the consequences in the best way that we can. Amy tries the handle the fact that she is pregnant and will have a baby. she is still going to school which sets the example that we should not give up on our life if something like pregnancy interferes. she has the support of her boyfriend Ben who is working as hard as he can to help Amy in any way she needs him. he is willing to marry her and that takes a great deal of thought and responsibility. her mom and dad are trying to be there for her, and even though Amy doesn't always agree with what they say, they know what is best for her and the baby, already having 2 kids of their own. Amy has the support of everyone around her and she is dealing with her mistake in an adult, responsible way. it is not right for a teenager of her age to get pregnant, but if it happens, i would look up to Amy as a role model for trying and working hard to accommodate the changes happening in her life.