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"Banzai" (2003)
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I love this show, 9 February 2004

I love this show. I first fell in love with it when I was in England and then was stoked to see that it was coming to the States. Admittedly, it was better in England, because you couldn't bet online. It is sad to see that people got so upset when it aired here. So many people thought it was just too stupid, well, what's wrong with that, that's what makes it fun. Lady One Question and Shake Hands Man were cool, and the hosts were great. Watching this show provided my friends and I with memories that we will laugh at for years. This is a show that I would love to see more of, maybe when people in the States can learn to appreciate it.

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This show needs to come to the states, 25 June 2003

This was one of the most entertaining shows that I saw while I was in England. Every Saturday my roommates and I couldn't wait for "Ant and Dec" to come on. Other than Banzai this was by far my most favorite show to watch in England. I only wish it could be shown in the states.

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Closer to the play, but not as good as the '82 version, 4 June 2003

When this version of Annie came out I was sceptical, because I have always loved the 1982 version. However, at the time I was in the orchestra for my high school's production of it. I did not particularly like this version, eventhough it is closer to the play version. Most of the actors made great performances, but you can't really beat the original. Many people say that Carol Burnett way over-acted in her part as Ms. Hannigan in '82, and that she was unrealistic, but whoever said it was supposed to be realistic? The girl who played Annie may have sung well, but she didn't look the part (i.e. No curly red hair). Overall, I would have to say that the two best versions of Annie are the 1982 version and my high-school's production.