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episode 2, 17 January 2009

A good quality series apparently due to the involvement of John Quinn who made quality soft core for Playboy. The problem with it is the same as when I have the occasion to see a John Quinn Playboy movie on cable/dish: the best part of the movie was left on the cutting room floor. This is pay cable "After Dark" not the Sci-fi Network, although it has always been a good subject for a soft X movie or series. Even though the standards now are little more tolerant of explicitness then they were in the past (internet), the nudity here seems rather sparse and over cautious. A rerun of the old episode "Love Street" on another network at about the same time seemed to be a hotter. These "After Dark" shows would be better if they uptight standards were relaxed a little and when they no longer gave one a sense of over editing of what is the shows strongest attraction.