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A spectacle, a debacle. The best & worst of Nolan in almost 3 hours!, 8 November 2014

It was quite unfair that George Clooney, flying in empty space, couldn't get saved near Earth (in Gravity) while McConaughey gets rescued from a worm hole next to Saturn. Nolan, after not giving many f***s to emotions in his entire career, goes so mushy in space that he creates another dimension for love. Had it not been the young Murph & the brilliant McConaughey who is becoming the Daniel Day Lewis of this decade, Interstellar could have been an spectacular melodramatic trash. While Matt Damon gets the worst role of his life, thankfully in another galaxy, Nolan takes his hero-saves- Anne Hathaway fetish to another level. The saving grace was the best of Nolan - the last perpetually spine-chilling 40 minutes with alluring visuals & Zimmers beautiful mind-f**k score. The plot is practically simpler, theoretically complex than the likes of Memento, Prestige, Inception, but there is a Planet Mann sequence that is worse than Dark Knight Rises climax! All in all, it's a very ambitious spectacle that went out of Nolan's hands! I enjoyed Gravity much more, twice!

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Decent time-pass flick... Not good Not Bad..., 5 March 2010

Watched the movie back-to-back after Road, Movie.. Was disappointed with Road... So opted for this one to lighten up the mood.. Jokes were hackneyed and copied from "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge".. The movie was not at all hilarious but also not boring.. Decent time-pass flick with your family.. Songs were very interesting with unorthodox lyrics.. Go and watch the movie with not much expectations.. Paresh Rawal is a first-rate actor.. He successfully brings out the Frustrating emotions among the audiences.. Konkana Sen Sharma has looked surprisingly beautiful... Ajay Devgan was decent too but repetitive.. Over all one time watch..

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Poor movie... nothing to laugh about...highly avoidable.., 23 August 2009

Now, I have seen "The Hangover" twice, n I'm still not able to understand why this movie is rated so high. In fact, American Pie was better. There was nothing to laugh about. There wasn't a scene I can remember now... What was there to laugh about.? The Tiger in the bathroom or Alen married to a sex=worker... IT ain't a good film et AL... I found Pink Panther very entertaining and its rated 5.1....It's really a mad mad mad mad world.. I hope these kinda poor sense of humor movies dun come in the near future...WASTE of TIME. Now, I really am in a hangover, I had to see Snatch several times to feel better..Todd Philips disappointed this time.

Kaminey (2009)
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Revoltionary movie making...!! !- An enthralling tale of drugs, deceit, dingbats and dead-ringers..., 14 August 2009

Once in a particularly blue moon, comes a film that makes you wolf-whistle. One that then ties you to the edge of your seat and forcibly pins you there and pounces on you, eventually leaving you sitting in the dark, drained and grinning and more satisfied than a film has any business leaving you. This, ladies and gentlemen, is that kind of ride.

Bhardwaj has never been secretive about his Quentin Tarantino adoration, referencing the director in Blue Umbrella and doing it here again with high heels and an injection. While Tarantino exclusively uses music he already loves because he doesn't trust anyone to create anything as good, Bhardwaj has always done it all himself, writing, directing and composing -- not to mention singing, and its worth noting the slight s/f lisp he gives the film's magnificent title track when it plays on screen. Yet here he takes a leaf from QT's book and brings back the saucy RD Burman track 'Duniya mein logon ko' (from 1972's Apna Desh) and makes it his own, giving it sassy new context out of its dated backdrop -- no more Rajesh Khanna in a red suit, this song is now all Shahid.

So the film leaps through implied ultraviolence and dark humour and you hold on, exhilarated -- just as you have through, say, Guy Ritchie's Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. And while that itself would be no mean feat, Bhardwaj ups the ante with an audacious climax, suddenly bringing emotions right to the fore.