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I am big fan of comedy movies.
please comment and express your ideas about my taste.You can even share or recommend your list of movie which you feel are better.Thank You
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Movies which i am planning to watch
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A list of all movies which have been overrated.....The truth is these movies are over Hyped....Not So GOOD Not So BAD, Somewhere in the middle(average). I am flattered actually, IMDB'S rating ca'nt be Trusted in these cases.
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Movies that i seen this week
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This is the list of movies i have watched and i can watch it over and over again.My favourite movies
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Here are the 10 most pirated movies of 2011, along with the number of times each was downloaded, according to TorrentFreak
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Bollywood movies have created their own niche following and are stars in their own right. Top 10 movies you must watch.