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I'm not going to lie, some actresses got a lower rating because their picture on imdb happened to be bad even though in real life/most other pictures they are gorgeous.
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again, if your imdb picture is bad, you are going to get a lower rating...
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has made me realize there are not near enough lesbian actresses as half of these girls are either reality show personalities, musicians, models, etc.
and also Jill Bennett needs to be in some more good projects - she is awesome!

If you know of actresses that are not on the list and should be let me know in the comments and I'll add them!
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obviously this list is my opinion, but I tried to limit myself to movies my father would enjoy as much as me.
<<that means no Lost Highway and NO Jodorowsky>>

I also tried to include blockbusters that aren't necessarily favorites of mine ie Good Will Hunting,

However, the first 10 selections are films ones I continue to enjoy and would recommend to anyone.

--work is in progress - feel free to add suggestions-
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Dirty Dancing is omitted because I HATE IT sorry guys.

Also I'd argue that 1-4 can be enjoyed even if you hate dance. i think.
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With just a hint of soap opera...
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i might come back to this one and just search for the actors instead of characters because im sick of having no pictures
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Okay well at least the top ten...

As always, I am open to suggestions.
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I know I am missing TONS but these are some I have actually watched or tried to watch. Welcome to suggestions; havn't seen enough of the Saw movies but they probably belong here also.
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some of these films are bad, some are empty and have no plot, and some are classics.
Dancer in the Dark is too sad for the list.
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(yes I know these terms are not synonymous ... but they are both awesome)
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If I'm missing any let me know

Note: they mostly suck so be warned or make liberal use of the fast forward button...

(and focus on ID ing the stunt doubles that is usually my favorite part).
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