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Disappointment..., 13 February 2011

Summary: Three Finger and his group of cannibalistic mutants hunt a group of hikers in the backwoods. When a prison transport bus crashes nearby, the absconding convicts become the next 'Casserole' on the menu.

I am a big fan of Wrong Turn 1 and 2. I was extremely excited to hear that Wrong Turn 3 was coming out, but extremely disappointed when I watched it. Wrong Turn 1 and 2 had great actors, awesome special effects and an intriguing plot. Wrong turn 3, however, had terrible actors and very cheap special effects. The plot idea was good and unique, but was ruined by a pathetic cast.

Overall, I'd give this movie a 3/10. 1 point for plot, 1 point for the twisted ending and 1 point for the patheticism!

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Waste of time and money., 27 January 2011

I CANNOT believe there are so many positive reviews. I rented this movie one night for a cheap laugh and was extremely disappointed that I wasted $5.00. The acting is poor, the events were confusing and unrealistic and the graphics were horrible. This was meant to be a comedy/horror. I did not laugh once. The lines in the movie aren't even funny. It is hard to connect with the actors because the characterisation is awful. To conclude this, it is predictable. It is extremely boring and just drags on. There are so many better horror/comedy movies out there, just have a look and please don't waste your money on this sh!t.

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Realistic, factual, frightening., 9 October 2010

I am really surprised by the amount of negative criticism this film has. I believe it is a well made, well scripted film that portrays the 'abnormal' life of one of Americas most notorious serial killers : Henry Lee Lucas.

The screenplay is very similar to the true events that occurred in Henry's life.

His mother was a drunk, prostitute and an abusive woman of whom beat her son day after day. The amount of physical and mental abuse he stomached, would be too much for a lot of us to handle.

Although this was a low budget film, I don't believe anybody should give it a low rating. The point of this film was to give people an insight into the life of Henry Lee Lucas, not to be judged by its quality and budget. Overall, I believe it shows pure realism. 10/10.

Brothers (2009/I)
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Very powerful, 27 August 2010

I was blown away by this movie. To be honest, I was never really a big fan of Toby Maguire. But my total view has changed. This movie had a very strong emotional impact on me. Honestly, I've never cried in a movie before... and when I watched this, I've never cried so much in my life!

The thing I love about this film is that it was so realistic. For the first time ever I felt like I wasn't just watching, I felt I was there. The cast were absolutely amazing. As I was saying, Toby Maguire's performance was outstanding. He showed real emotion, something I know as a person looks like. Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal) was fabulous, he did an amazing job at developing his character throughout the movie. Natalie Portman was fabulous and ... Bailee Madison I have no words! She was absolutely brilliant. Her emotion was believable... an amazing little actor!

Please, please watch this movie! You will NOT be disappointed. I still can't get over the beauty and realism of this movie. Absolutely fantastic, amazing and a movie you cannot miss! 10/10

Far Cry (2008)
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What a waste of time!, 21 August 2010

This movie was a pile of squad! What an absolute rip off! 'Far cry' is my favourite Xbox game of all time. A great plot of a man by the name of Jack Carver who is lost on an island and must find his way back to civilisation. When I first saw this movie, I immediately rented it out. To tell the truth, I was disgusted by the atrocious cinematography and graphic designs throughout this movie. First of all, I think the directors should've actually played the game because Jack Carver does not have a strong German accent!!!

This movie was obviously on a very low and I mean LOW budget. The acting was bad especially when it came to a couple tourists on a boat and the lady was screaming to her husband (who was standing next to her) 'Wheeeeeeres the whales Geooorge! You promissed me whaaaaallles!' Totally pathetic. And in an attempt to make the viewers laugh (I think) worked... laughing at the females idiocy that is.

Overall 2/10. This is the fact that the whale scene made me laugh and Til Schweiger (Jack Carver) is attractive!

Mean Creek (2004)
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Mind blowing!, 13 August 2010

This movie deserves a 10+ vote.

When Sam Merrick is bullied by a fat, lonely kid named George Tooney, Sam's older brother Rocky and his friends (Marty and Clyde) decide to invite George on a boating trip, where they would play a prank on him. George, desperately trying to 'fit in' accepts the invitation. With amazing performances, especially by Scott Mechlowicz (Marty) and Josh Peck (George) This movie will have you wanting more when the prank turns bad and a series of tragic consequences occur. This is an amazing plot which will ultimately test the children to either do what is right, or what is best for themselves.

This movie is a MUST SEE. I believe anybody should watch this. It is definitely a movie which will make you think twice about something you might regret. The ending made me cry all night.

Absolutely amazing.

Open Water (2003)
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Oh god. I wish the shark ate me..., 13 August 2010

Talk about lame... This movie was crap. I'm sorry but this movie was crap. It was crap. It is as boring as this review. It is boring, boring, boring.

It was a Friday night, and I was home after a long day. Why not watch a good movie I say? I went on the Internet to see what I could find, I found a movie about a man and a woman left behind, two people in a pool of blue sea, this is perfect for me! I put the disk in ohhh so happily, and by the end... I wish I was dead. :)

Firstly. The actors were totally pathetic. "Oh. Mah. Gawd. Some ... thing.. is . Rubbing. Against . my *Looks at script* ... foot."

Secondly, all it is is a couple idiots stranded in the middle of the ocean talking COUGH *BAD ACTING* Ooohhh they are so scared. You could throw a weight at their head and they still couldn't fight a tear out!!!

There's no action. It is just, person arguing, the blue sea, person arguing, the blue sea. It drove me mad! That idiotic movie ruined my Friday!!!!! >:(

I also think the ending was crap, and many people would agree with me. Look! I know this is based on a true story bla bla bla But! I don't give a crap! If you make a movie, you have to make the viewer enjoy it!!!!!! I know my review sounds childish and stupid but please take it into careful consideration and don't waste the $5.00 that I did!

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This movie is F**KING Disgusting., 29 July 2010

After watching this movie, I've desperately been wanting to write a review about it on IMDb. This movie is SICK, GROTESQUE and makes me want to vomit. The writer/producer of this film must be F****** CRAZY!!! Please Don't WATCH THIS! This movie should be banned. It just gives all those creeps out there F****** sick ideas. It's not the blood that gives me the creeps ... it's knowing that someone has got a screwed up enough brain to even think of this s***. I like horror movies, don't get me wrong. But if anybody enjoys this movie, they might want to see a psychiatrist. My favourite writer is Stephen King and I don't even think he'd think of something like this.

This movie has MENTALLY SCARRED me. Whatever you do, if you have children DO NOT LET THEM WATCH THIS. If you enjoy a little gore here and there, you won't anymore after you watch this.

On the bright side, it was a good idea. But they took it Way to far and trust me, I've got a pretty solid heart and I gagged. TRUST ME!!!!!

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Who wouldn't love watching R, 1 July 2010

Loved it, loved it, loved it. This is Definitely Reece Witherspoon's best performance(Secondly, in my opinion, 'fear' 1996, with Mark Wahlberg) She plays a beautiful blond (Which Reece already is) who is dumped by her boyfriend Warner (Matthew Davis) because in his words, she is not 'serious' about their relationship. Warner goes to Harvard Law school, and Elle Woods (Reece Witherspoon), saddened by the outcome, desperately tries to get into Harvard to win back the man of her dreams. When Elle is accepted in the school, the movie has its bits of comedy and also a great story line. This is a MUST SEE movie. It is a great chick flick and I give it a 10/10!

Serum (2006)
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What tha????, 1 July 2010

OK. Straight out, this movie sucked. This is due to lack of acting ability and the low budget. I must admit, it had a good storyline. But for such a new idea, the acting and cinematography really let me down... I am not trying to 'bag' out this film, because it does have SOME good qualities, but I must mention the graphics on this film were atrocious and the blood looked like ketch up sauce... I really think the actors need to take some extra drama classes and I don't think I'm in an awful rush to go buy this movie... I think you SHOULD have a look at this film, because I think it really depends on the individual. Overall, 2/10.

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