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Don Quixote (2000) (TV)
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an amazing movie without violence, 26 December 2004

I have just seen this movie and it was absolutely brilliant. The scenery, the actors the story which is pretty similar to the original Servantes book. John Lithgow is fabulous as the don, sometimes funny sometimes very serious and sometimes extremely shy. You cannot help but listen to him and you believe him more than the family who tell that the don has only dreams. When the prince and his wife (the beautiful - just like her mother - Isabella) make fun of him you can really hate them and want to help Quixote and Pansa. John Lithgow has played not just with his body but with his eyes too. His eyes. At the end he has practically no lines he just look at us and it is perfect. It was a beautiful story with a talented, real actors. Don't miss is if you like films that touch you heart and soul. I give 10 stars.

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Outrageously perfect!, 26 December 2003

I always loved French movies because I think they are filled with much more emotion and sense than the Americans. This film is a gem.

Starting with the wedding which is so funny that you just want to join them and in the end where the little family kids tell us who is with who which is extremly funny. Catherine Deneuve is simply hot and so good that it is absolutely possible that a young man can fall in love with her, and Vincen Lindon is perfect for that role. The best scene (except the wedding party) is in the family reunion where Antoine has got mad and yells his feelings to Lea in front of the family. It is such a shame that I could buy this film only from the French and not from the English (so I have to learn in French to enjoy watching it)!!