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A sensational watch, 4 January 2013

To begin, I would like to state that I am a huge fan of the BBC Nature documentaries. Through huge funding, a dedicated team and with unquestionably the greatest narrator there ever has been, David Attenborough, they never fail to disappoint.

The series looks at how seasonal changes powered by the sun cause shifting weather patterns and ocean currents, which in turn create the conditions for some of the planet's most spectacular wildlife events. Each episode focuses on the challenges and opportunities these changes present to a few key species.

I will not go into detail about each episode as it truly is something which must be watched to appreciate fully, but let me say this; I believe that each episode of Nature's Great Events can stand up to even the best of the Planet Earth series.

The harrowing scenes of the Ndutu pride of lions is perhaps the most powerful wildlife I have ever witnessed.

This series is phenomenal. I hear people complaining that it is only 6 episodes long but so be it. A documentary that will stand the test of time, superb and the easiest 10/10 I will ever give.