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Because I'm sooooooo far behind the Zeitgeist I'm hanging with the Hintergeist!
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...Because the one on Comic Book Resources is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! ;) Also, for fun and reference.
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Trimmest list yet, and arguably the most "mainstream". So be it!
By the numbers:
14 titles total;
5 actually released before 2016;
4 Comedies;
3 Superhero movies;
2 Animated features;
1 Documentary
No partridges or pear trees.
Enjoy! or not! As always, inclusion 100% subjective to what I watched and enjoyed this past year.
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It's OK to like these shows, fellow grown-ups. :)
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More movies that deserve to be seen or streamed...
Just realized that this year's list is light on Other Language or Independent Movie content, and long on Downton Abbey references. Oh well, that's the kind of year it's been for me!
All opinions ventured are my own, and you are welcome to disagree. Also, although some titles were released prior to 2015, I didn't watch them until that year, which is how my list-making goes.
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There's a lot of diverging opinions out there about what made the series great. Here's my top ten fave episodes, and my own personal reasons why. Feel free to comment!
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As always, these are films I personally saw in 2014, quite a few of which came out years ago but which, due to the vagaries of time and time and international release dates I didn't get around to until more recently.
You may feel there are some omissions or bad choices but for my part it's the list I feel most comfortable putting my name to for an odd sort of year, cinematic and otherwise.
PS It's a long one this time! I got it down to 22 but couldn't spare any more. I tried to keep my comments brief to help compensate.
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These films deserve to be seen, according to the expert tribunal of Me, Myself, and I. Agree, disagree, or recommend I get professional help, as you see fit!

(FYI: Many titles were released before 2013, but all were first seen by me for the first time this calendar year).
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These Flicks Deserve to be Seen, mark II.
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These Flicks Deserve to be Seen
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