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My favorite movie, 5 January 2009

I enjoyed this movie and I laughed and cried when I watched this movie. I was impressed by this movie. Clothes used by the movie are very gorgeous and a heroine is very cute. I liked it because a heroine tried to hard for works and she grew up. At first, the heroine just complained, but after she was told she was not trying hard enough, she changed. I was impressed when the heroine remembered all the guests' names at a party. I was taught by this movie that you shouldn't give up the dream. I have a dream to become a ground hostess at an airline company. I will never give up, just like the heroine. I want to watch this movie many times. I feel sympathy for the heroine. Music was very good. The boss was frightening, like a witch, but fashionable. I especially liked the scene at the airport.