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Minnale Copy Paste but quite watchable
16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
RHTDM as it's affectionately called was a remake of Tamil film Minnale(2001) which also starred Madhavan alongwith Reema Sen Govind Menon remakes the same film with a few changes. The film starts off well, with Maddy and Saif fight and then Maddy falling for Dia, though the south style may not work for all at times Yet the scenes between Dia and Maddy are superbly handled The twist in the tale is well handled too with Saif making a comeback The going ons do get predictable in second half but the climax is well handled

Direction is good Music is mostly recreated yet Zara Zara became a rage

Madhavan tends to overdo a bit and reminds u of Shahrukh Khan but yet he plays Maddy superbly of course he has played it before in Minnale but he lends freshness to the role though he was overweight Dia is also cute in her role though weak in her emotional scenes and dialogue delivery Their chemistry is amazing Saif Ali Khan is superb in his role, this was his first role after Dil Chahta Hai and he is good Vrajesh Hirjee is funny as Maddy's friend, Anupam Kher is lovable though typecast rest are okay
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Ajay (1996)
Nothing Great
28 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In the year 1996, Sunny and Karisma worked in 2 films Jeet and Ajay and after that never worked again. This was also the last film of Suneel Darshan with Sunny Deol The film has a done to death story, nothing new about it It is basically a love story between a poor guy Sunny and a rich girl Karisma who detests him first and later falls in love her evil uncles played by Suresh Oberoi and Kiran Kumar are the villains.

Direction is nothing great as story is quite outdated Music is decent but the chamak challo dance number is hilarious for bad choreography

Sunny Deol does his usual stuff nothing new, Karisma doesn't get anything much to do and she is as usual Suresh Oberoi,Kiran Kumar leave a mark Farida Jalal is as usual, Sharat Saxena is good in his role.
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Jurm (1990)
An amazing film of Bhatt and Khanna though inspired
7 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Mahesh Bhatt has remade several Hollywood films into Hindi, Jurm is a remake of Someone to watch over me(1987). The film has a decent story and it's well handled though it's copied with several changes in script to suit Indian audiences. The film keeps you involved though a bit lengthy at times

Direction by Mahesh Bhatt is good Music by Rajesh Roshan is decent though 2 songs Jab Koi Baat and Marne Ke Darr se were copied from English songs 500 miles and La Bonita

Vinod Khanna though looking aged does a good job in his role, this was his last film with Bhatts due to his differences with Mukesh Bhatt who was his secretary then. Meenaxi does a good job too while Shafi Inamdar is good Om Shivpuri is good, Anang Desai,Mahesh Anand are good as well rest are okay
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Fan (I) (2016)
Well Done Srk
18 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Srk's quality of films in recent past has gone downhill, right from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chennai Express, Happy New Year to recent Dilwale all being nothing great. FAN which was launched before Dilwale is a film with a difference In this film Srk has a double role but unlike Duplicate and other of his double role films, here the double role looks different, first of all kudos to the VFX team and the make up team. The film starts with Srk playing Gaurav a fan of Srk who eats, breathes and lives Srk oops Aaryan Khanna. He gets an award and goes to Mumbai to meet Srk and gift him for his birthday but of course something unexpected happens. Gaurav starts hating Aaryan and becomes a revenge seeker. The first half is good though it takes it's own time at times it looks very realistic, Gaurav's ambitions are identifiable, the twist too is well handled though one wonders why Aryan behaves so rudely with his fan but still at times stars do tend to get rude The second half does tend to get filmy and unrealistic at times, like the 2 long chase scenes but yet there are some good scenes too like the entire track when Gaurav goes to Aryan's house and also the pre-climax and the climax are well handled

Direction by Maneesh Sharma is good There are no songs shown in the film which is a good thing Background music is good

Srk plays both the roles superbly, as Aaryan he plays himself again after Om Shanti Om and Billu, but he surprises as Gaurav the entire mannerisms, dialogue delivery and all is simply superb he makes you believe that he is the character which is a pluspoint -8/10 Waluscha Dsouza does a good job in her small role while Shriya Pilgaonkar is good, rest are all okay
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One of Manmohan Desai's early hits
12 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Manmohan Desai started his career doing serious films but slowly ventured into masala films. This film released in 1972 fresh after the success of Sacha Jhutha(1970) which is also mentioned in the film. The film stars Randhir Kapoor in the lead role, and Rekha alongwith Shatrughan Sinha. The story is of long lost brothers, who separate in the initial reels after a catastrophe. Perhaps this was one of the earlier films to show a family that gets lost, which became a trademark of MDK films later like Amar Akbar Anthony, Suhaag, Mard.etc In the film Randhir plays a simpleton who goes to Mumbai to search his friend whose father helped his father when the separation happened. Randhir saves Rekha(In MDK's NASEEB he had a similar scene) from getting raped by thugs, soon they befriend each other Shatrughan Sinha plays a negative role, he is a leader of a gang who put Randhir's friend in trouble, he is the brother of Laxman who was taken away by a thief to make him like him. The film also has a get up formula wherein Randhir dresses as Louis Dsouza from Goa!!! All formulas which became a trademark of MDK.

Direction is good Music by RD Burman was fab, Ghum Hai Kisi Ke became famous, other songs too are good, mostly sung by Kishore Kumar

Randhir Kapoor does a good job, looking suitably goofy for the role, though he couldn't make it really as big as Rishi Kapoor or other Kapoors yet he left a mark especially in this film. There is a scene where he dresses up like his father Raj Kapoor and there is a tribute to him. Rekha who looks different compared to today does a good job Shatrughan Sinha is terrific in a negative role, something he started his career with. The rest are all good in their roles.
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One of Amitabh's early films
9 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The year was 1972, Amitabh was not yet a star, he was struggling as an actor alongwith Shatrughan Sinha. They both unite in this film The film is similar to THE APARTMENT(1960), in Life in a Metro(2007) Sharman's story was quite similar to this film. The film is quite different fro it's times, here we are shown day to day life, how people have to obey their bosses and support their not so good intentions just for their better career prospects. The film has Shatru play a honest poet while Amitabh plays a guy who gives in to his manager's demands, they use his house to have sex. Quite unique thought in 1970s The film is well handled, with moments of comedy and emotion You relate to the characters, perhaps that time when characters had to be heroic people didn't hence it flopped. The film also drags at times yet it does have several good scenes

Direction is good Music is okay Mukesh and Rafi sing for Bachchan here

Amitabh Bachchan was growing as an actor, though he had rough edges he does a superb job in the role, showing good comic timing, his emotional scenes too are good his screen presence was a bit weak those days though Shatrughan Sinha has a short role and is good Laxmi Chaya is okay Satyen Kapoo, Prem Chopra and all are good in their roles rest are okay
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Kareeb (1998)
Quite good but could be better
9 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This was was VVC's next film after 1942 A Love Story. The film starred Bobby Deol and Neha. The film is supposedly based on Vidhu Vinod Chopra's own youth love story. The first half is more on the romance which does get stretched, however Bobby's scenes with Neha are cute,the pace is slow but yet the love story is well handled, the second half gets dramatic, there is a comic relief in the name of Johny Lever but the entire lottery part seems like a compromise, for Bobby who has vowed not to lie to actually support the lottery taken by bribe is hard to digest but yet the end is good

Direction is good but the writing could be better Music by Anu Malik is good, Chori Chori, Churalo Na Dil are all good songs

Bobby Deol is sincere, he shows vast improvement from GUPT and does his part of a lovesick lost puppy well, the second half gets him more scope to act and he does a good job. Neha(Shabana-actual name) is cute and does her part well The film also has Abhay Chopra son of VVC making his debut and he is okay Saurabh Shukla is superb as always, Moushumi chaterjee does a good job Shammi Kapoor, Sushma Seth are okay in small roles rest are okay
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Plan (2004)
Flop Plan
5 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hriday Shetty,step brother of Rohit Shetty debutted with this film, which was produced by Sanjay Gupta. The film is a remake of Suicide Kings(1997) and Lost Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels. It starts off with 4 losers from Allahabad meet together in a train and come to mumbai, each having different dreams. The first half is well handled, the way the friends meet and the twists are well handled, Sanju's introduction is also well handled however a flaw in the story is the Sanju-Mahesh Manjerekar tiff which doesn't have any strong ground, also the romantic tracks could be avoided. The film also lacks a strong impact

Direction is okay, writing could be better Music is okay, Pyaar Aaya is okay, Aanewala Pal too is good however many songs are crammed in the second half

This film released 2 weeks after Munnabhai MBBS which got Sanju immense praise, however in this film he plays a bhai he has played several times before, though his new look doesn't really gel well he does his part well but doesn't really get much to do that he hasn't done before Sanjay Suri is superb in a role that he is in contrast with his image till then, Dino Morea shows improvement though his dialogue delivery jars at places, Rohit Roy is good, Bikram Saluja too does well Amongst heroines Priyanka Chopra is okay, she does ham at places, Sameera Reddy, Payal Rohatgi, Riya Sen have nothing much to do Mahesh Manjerekar is good in his role but annoys at times rest are all okay
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Taaqatwar (1989)
First film of David Dhawan,Govinda and Sanju
2 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
David Dhawan was an editor who turned director with Taaqatwar The film brought together Govinda and Sanjay Dutt in main leads, the pair was seen in Do Qaidi(1989) in the same year, also in Jeete Hai Shaan Se wherein Govinda had a cameo. The film is a typical 80s long lost type, it starts with Anupam Kher who is an officer after criminals, one of them being Shakti Kapoor who gets him killed with the help of hawaldar Paresh Rawal who is cunning. The blame of the murder is put on Anil Dhawan(brother of David) Tanuja wife of Anupam, takes care of Anil's son as her own though the society doesn't support him and he becomes a goon years later. Sanjay Dutt son of Anupam becomes a cop, who is after Shakti Kapoor rest is typical masala. DD being a fan of Manmohan Desai has several parts inspired from him, there is also a fight scene between Sanjay and Govinda which looks straight from Amar Akbar Anthony, the story also has shades of several films, Govinda's character seems a mix of Anthony Gonsalves and Amitabh in Suhaag.

Direction is decent but the story is outright predictable Music by Annu Malik is okay, Thanedaar song is quite good rest are okay

Sanjay Dutt plays the serious cop act well, Govinda plays the tapori character brilliantly, his name is John D'mello in the film and their chemistry too is good, their pairing was repeated in several films and got better Anita Raaj is good, Neelam has a small role and she is okay Shakti Kapoor plays the villain well, Gulshan Grover is good too Paresh Rawal is good in his character, Tanuja is okay Anupam Kher has a guest role and is good, Anil Dhawan is okay in a small guest appearance.
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Josh (2000)
Unrealistic yet entertaining
20 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Mansoor Khan is known for giving us quality cinema, remember Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar(remake of Breaking Away), Akele Hum Akele Tum(remake of Kramer vs Kramer) and finally Josh a remake of West Side Story The film is the first film not to star his cousin Aamir Khan, in fact Aamir was offered the role played by Sharad Kapoor but he felt his character was overshadowed by Srk. The film took 4 years to complete, but did well at the B.O. The film is set in Goa, my hometown, where 2 gangs Eagle and Bichhoo reside(something I have never heard about,lol) anywayz Srk is the boss of Eagle Gang which comprises of christians while Bichoo gang are the hindus from outside of Goa. The film is set in 1980s, there is also a subplot of Alberto Vasco on whom the village was named, which however is not true, of course we never except realism in Hindi films and that too when stories are set in Goa. The film starts off with a clash between 2 gangs which are quite entertaining, Srk- Aishwarya who play twins have some good scenes, even scenes between Sharad Kapoor and Chandrachur Singh are well handled Mansoor gives most characters equal space and thats laudable. Chandrachur-Aish love story is also well handled, while Srk-Priya Gill portions do they their moments. The clash at the interval is fab, while the second half too starts well but things stagnate when Chandrachur comes to know a secret of Srk and Aish, things get stretched, also the revelation is very half baked, the climax too seems hurried

Direction is good, the director and writers do a great job handling the film Music is good by Anu Malik, Sailaro is a fun song, Hai Mera Dil and Haare Haare are good too, Apun Bola sung by Srk is fun, Mere Khyalon Ki Malika is good too, In this film Abhijeet who was normally Srk's voice didn't sing at all for him.

Shahrukh Khan played a tapori earlier in Ram Jaane but overdid it, here he does a superb job, he is in control and does a great job Aishwarya Rai who tanned her role does a good job too, though at times she prances too much Chandrachur Singh is good in his role, Sharad Kapoor does a superb job, he plays Prakash superbly, sadly his career didn't really move much even after this film. Sushant Singh is good, Vivek Vaswani is okay, Priya Gill is good too Sharat Saxena is good, rest are all okay
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