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Season 2 was depressing., 9 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Season 2 was similar to 1 in that it was dark and brooding. The problem is that it was too dark. Very, very freaking depressing. I really enjoyed it until the final episode. I just finished it so maybe I'm too emotional, but what the f*** is the point. I binge watched it in a couple days, which is the best way to watch any series, so that made my connection to the characters even greater. Also, I just got through watching season 1 about a week before I saw season 2 so my expectations were high for season 2. Maybe if I were drunk for the whole thing I wouldn't have been bothered so much. If I knew it ended like this I wouldn't have watched it. Still, it was done very well. And since I guess this is a review of both season 1 and 2 ... 9 out of 10.

Furious 7 (2015)
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Ridiculous and unbelievable but fun, 6 April 2015

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The only reason I gave this a 7 was because the final 10 minutes of the movie were done very well and was a nice homage to Paul Walker. Actually 7 is a little high but the movie is better than a 6. Now there were 3 parts of the movie that really irritated me. 1. Kurt Russell and his super-secret special ops agency need Vin Diesel and his street racing crew to help get back a hacker and her special program from a terrorist group. Really? This U.S. black ops agency's only hope is a mechanic/street racer, his street racing girlfriend suffering from amnesia, a tech savvy black market dude, a former FBI agent and Tyrese whose skills are a mystery to me other than bad jokes and the ability to complain more than everyone in the crew combined. 2. The military air drops equipment and vehicles all the time. But not on 2 lane mountain road from 30,000 feet. At one point someone says the parachutes are guided by GPS. What? They looked like normal parachutes to me. If they weren't going to take the time to explain or maybe show some special equipment that guided the parachutes then they should have said nothing. 3. By far my biggest gripe with the movie was the attack chopper flying through L.A. wreaking havoc and chaos. How long does it take the police to realize there is a war in progress in downtown L.A.? How long are terrorists flying a war machine equipped with rockets and machine guns before the National Guard gets alerted? Not to mention the drone that the chopper craps out which blows up enough stuff to make Die Hard fans proud. I didn't hate the movie though. Parts of it were really cool and like I said, the ending was done very well. This is especially impressive considering that one of the main actors died before completion of the movie. Makes me wonder what the original ending was going to be?

Thought it was going to be better, 6 July 2013

Like so many other movies I have seen, it started out great but ended weak. Gosling was perfect in his role and Carell was hilarious as always. Emma Stone was also very good, and crazy hot. The problem I had was that the situations between everyone became more unbelievable as the movie went on. But those situations, while not great, weren't terrible either. The one thing I did have a major issue with was the son. Every time I saw him I wanted to slap him and shave his head. Maybe that is a little cruel for a child that can't act to save his life and has an absurd haircut, but whatever. Still, if the movie had wrapped up nicely it would have all been worth it. But the speech at the end went from dumb to just plain ridiculous. And if what's her face's dad was mad before, I wonder how he will react to being the father of a registered sex offender. You know, the polaroid deal. I mean, seriously!?!?!

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A different romance, 21 June 2013

I just got through watching this again. I didn't remember that What A Wonderful World/Over the Rainbow by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole played at the end during the credits. What a beautiful way to end a beautiful movie. I would have made a few different decisions, the main one being a different leading lady. She is crazy attractive but not the greatest talent. Still, she was far from a mistake. Brag Pitt was awesome. I mean, GEEZ! I'm not gay but is this guy good looking or what. It was stupid. And his attitude was perfect for the role. Like the girl said in the movie, his indifferent attitude was sexy...or something like that. Hopkins was Hopkins. This dude couldn't turn in a bad performance if his family was held hostage and the captors demanded a bad performance for their safety. The ending was amazing. It captured the sorrow of love and goodbye perfectly. In closing, this whole movie reminded me of that first love, where you couldn't quite get a good breath and where every second was filled with thoughts of them. Still sad in the end but very romantic. I would think, the perfect date movie...although it is 3 hours. Maybe too long for a date. But try it anyway.

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Tragically beautiful, 19 February 2013

I may have rated this a little high because I'm fond of Will Smith. He has a very natural and realistic style that works well on film. I also like watching anything that lets me look at Rosario Dawson's face. I think this was one of Smith's better performances. Not as good as Pursuit of Happiness but still very enjoyable and Smith and Dawson seem to have a special chemistry in this film that makes for a very moving experience. Barry Pepper also does a nice job as Smith's friend. Hopefully this movie will help you realize, like me, how important seemingly small moments in life can be and how even the smallest moments should be lived to the fullest.

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The return of Caitlin...ugh...but WHAT AN ENDING!!!, 27 July 2012

It was a mistake to ever have Crockett get married and this episode features the return of Caitlin, his current wife, who took a couple episodes off doing her L.A. music thing. The series took a serious dip when Crockett got hitched, complete with a ridiculous hair style that was some sort of rock band mullet (that has since been trimmed). So when I saw Caitlin was back I was worried this episode would suck and his hair would start creeping down his back again. However, this episode also features the return of an enemy of Crockett's who's acting is excellent, as it was in his first appearance.

There are nice splashes of style here and there including Sheena Easton's MV singing debut (I was wondering when she was going to) which actually isn't that bad.

Up to half way through, this episode was less than impressive until a dramatic occurrence changes everything. Now you get to see some great acting by Johnson, a couple decent appearances from Thomas and an ending that nobody saw coming, which was one of the best in all of MV.

Not a bad episode. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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Not bad, but not that good either, 27 July 2012

This wasn't so much a bad episode as it was just missing something. The loss of Mann, Hammer and many of the others that made this series a classic, is truly evident.

The acting is solid with Castillo taking the point, which is fine since Olmos is a terrific actor. The story is a little dry, but if you were to read the script I'm sure you would see the potential. In the past, this would be where the MV style crew headed by Mann takes over and polishes this raw material into a gem. Since everyone has bailed, this gets cut and polished at a pawn shop instead of the "Diamond District" in NYC.

The only thing that saved this from a 4 or less was the acting. Lets hope this season gets better.

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Another home run!!!, 27 July 2012

This is the 4th and last episode in, we'll call this, the "bad boy" series. Like the others, this one doesn't disappoint. In my opinion, it wasn't quite as good as the other even though everyone else seems to think it is.

The episode starts off nicely and is great up until the end where it seems rushed and is rather boring. The acting however, by both Johnson and Thomas especially, is some of the best ever in Miami Vice. This is probably where the rave reviews come from. The supporting acting is great also, with most of the guest stars coming back from the last episode. Matt Frewer, does a particularly nice job.

I think the MV crew would have been smart to continue this "bad boy" story until the end of the season, which would have set up a particularly AWESOME season finale. No matter, this was a great one. 2 episodes in to season 5 and I'm loving it.

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Now this is how you start off a season., 27 July 2012

My only complaint about this was I wish they would have had a 2 hour season premier, especially since this was that last season. It deserved it.

With "Hostile Takeover", Season 5 picks up, with spectacular style, right where it left off from season 4 and does so with one of the best MV episodes ever. This installment is completely different from past great episodes like "Smuggler's Blues" and "Out Where The Buses Don't Run" from season 1 or 2 but it is equally awesome. The way Johnson handles this new role is fun to watch, as is often with great actors that are given bad guy roles after spending most of their career as good guys. If you look at the credits you'll see Johnson directed this episode (kudos). I believe the production and directing crew knew this was the last season and they were all on their way out the door, including Jan Hammer, which explains the complete change in musical style. This left much of the creative control in the hands of Johnson and he doesn't fail. He did however have Yerkovich still writing for him.

This episode also has great supporting acting which is common throughout most of this series. Polito's "El Gato" is a little weird though. OK, a lot weird (shoulder pads?), but he doesn't pop up enough in the episode to do any real damage. I would have gone in a different direction with his character, but all in all, the supporting acting is great. You aren't going to experience the Michael Mann esque night time driving scenes with pastel backgrounds accompanied with Jammer's moody synthesized tunes, all of which I love. But don't be despaired because Johnson's acting is the best of the series and a real joy to watch.

I'm watching season 5 for the first time and the way this has kicked off just cemented Miami Vice as my all time favorite show. Not that it wasn't already.

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Best of season 4, no doubt., 27 July 2012

This was not only the best of season 4 but one of my top 10 MV episodes. I knew how they were going to set up season 5 but I wasn't sure if they were going to do it right. I wasn't sure if they were going to get gritty enough for this to work. Well they took Miami Vice to another level with this and the several following episodes.

Its always refreshing to see an actor break from his usual role and try something risky, and this couldn't have came at a better time. I was sure season 4 was going to end leaving a bad taste in the viewer's mouths. But just when I thought the MV highlights were over, they end it with a bang leaving everyone wanting more.

I agree with the "edwardjamessmith" review. The beach dream scene was done very well with long needed MV style, complete with Jan Hammer music strumming away. One of the highlights of the episode in my opinion.

I can't say enough about this episode and I cant wait to watch season 5. You'll feel the same.

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