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Hotel Room (Absolute Genius), 2 January 2009

The first part of Hotel Room is complete perfection. The first time I viewed this piece I knew I had just witnessed something amazing, but like many other of Lynch's pieces it would require a second viewing. It has been two years and I have watched the first part over 50 times. I have showed this film to about 40 people. Thirty of them get it, ten are baffled. We recite quotes and facial expressions from Moe and Lou on a daily basis. Some of my favorites are "The Sh*t Moe, The Sh*t" "I know about crucial, Moe", and "It's not every hooker from New York that can do a cheer like that let me tell you."

This is the most comical Lynch piece I have ever seen, Let me tell you. The humor is varied but does have a underlying consistent form which is crucial. All in all this movie is the Sh*t Moe the Sh*t!