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Channels (2008)
Offers some things to think about., 29 August 2010

I've been watching a lot of romantic comedies lately. Don't know why, but maybe because the advertising offers a refreshing change form all of the ultra-high special effects movies out there. Nothing negative about them I just wish that they put a little more into character relationships.

Which brings me to CHANNELS. Didn't really know what I was getting into. So, initially I thought "okay, another romantic comedy on the lighter side." I was kind of on track with the "lighter side." Then the story takes a turn and I was drawn into what was being said and the value of time in regard to the people we become intimate with.

This seemed like a very personal movie for writer, director and star, Nat Christian. And he delivers from his heart. As the main character, he gives a truthful performance, natural and he delivers his lines with great ease. Kim Oja as the female co-star makes for a great match with him. I cared about them. They don't play down to the audience.

John Kassir, Taylor Negeron, Ed Asner and Jan Van Ark round out a superb cast of high caliber actors who are in this movie.

CHANNELS is a romantic comedy that reaches higher and in a subtle and seductive way manages to do so.

The Switch (2010/I)
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Good crew and cast on a watchable movie, 29 August 2010

Why does Jennifer Anniston keep doing these soft romantic comedies? She is very talented and has proved herself. Why just put out these things?

It is not that the movie is bad. The direction and the story are fine and well done. Jason Batemen is great in his role and so is Anniston.

But the formula and the material keep them from truly shining. Anniston should be tackling more challenging roles. She has the chops. She just needs the right advice.

The movie itself is watchable, but offers no turns from you run of the mill modern day version of a romantic comedy.

One thing about romantic comedies that I wish all people involved would observe. Don't try to be cute. We are a more sophisticated lot than were the people when romantic comedies ruled the screen.

Everyone involved can certainly go for more. The movie looks good and it may be worth watching again on DVD.

Avatar (2009)
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An all in one movie, 6 January 2010

I finally saw AVTAR. Wow. This is an all-in-one movie. Story, action, drama, romance, underlying themes and, of course, special visual effects that should become the standard from now on.

Writer-director James Cameron may not have received the kind of all around accolades for his works before this, but this should certainly put him squarely on a filmmaker's pedestal.

Everything about this movie works very well. And it gives us an "experience." Maybe this will get the public back into the movie houses.

And AVATAR is also a thoughtful movie. Something sorely needed today, although we are seeing more and more of them. It's time that the movies are catching up with what the world is going through. Our societies and our interactions.

My only concern with this movie is how it is going to play once it goes to DVD. It certainly won't be shown in 3D at home. Will technology have to catch up to this? I hope so. But we'll just have to wait to see.

High Noon (1952)
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Cooper is great, 29 September 2009

Some of these old movies are just the best.

HIGH NOON, a film about a retiring lawman Will Kane (played by Gary Cooper), who has to stand up to a gang of criminals, led by a vicious gunman that Kane put away years ago and is now released, works a a morality piece as well as great drama.

Gary Cooper walking, with his badge and gun represents law and order at its finest. It is no wonder that this movie became a classic.

Written with emotional complexities by screenwriter, Carl Foreman and beautifully directed by Fred Zinnemann the movie moves at a slow methodical pace that builds to to the final scene.

Grace Kelly, a beautiful actress, is real and exudes a lot of vulnerability in her role. Actor Lloyd Bridges brings a lot of depth to his character.

I feel that this is not only a classic western but a film that will probably end up on a lot of people's top ten lists (or top twenty!)

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No wonder it's a classic, 29 September 2009

It's about time that I watched this movie! It moved. And, considering that it was made over half a century ago, i would say that it worked wonderfully. The story, the dialogue, the acting, the production design and the direction were all superb.

William Holden, whom I've seen in other roles (Network and The Wild Bunch) plays a writer who is sort of weary and is muted in his actions and reactions. What may seem to be wooden in his approach is actually a wonderful characterization of a weary, beaten writer by Mr. Holden. In contrast, Gloria Swanson plays a very theatrical aging movie star, "Nora Desmond." Actually a former silent film star who just can not let go of her past and her former popularity. She lives, almost as a recluse, in her mansion - a safety bubble of her old studio days.

Desmond hires Holden's character to write a screenplay, so that she can make a major comeback. And he succumbs to her wishes, because he is down on his luck (and on the run from creditors).

None of the great elements described would have worked without the absolutely wonderful direction by Billy WIlder. Mr. WIlder knows how to tell a story without letting "direction" or the camera get in the way, and he is wonderful with his actors.

Mr. WIlder is helped greatly by a very fine screenplay by Charles Brackett, D. M. Marshman Jr and Wilder, himself.

Special mention should be given to the art direction. And also to the solid cinematography (John F. Seitz).

All around a great movie.

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A tight film by Hitchcock, 14 August 2009

I feel that writers Cornell Woolrich and John Michael Hayes delivered a wonderful concept and story to work from. And to have a film where most of the action is really "contained" because the lead character is in a wheelchair is quite a task. They certainly accomplished it.

Director Alfred Hitchcock gives yet another tight and gripping drama. Hitchcock always, and effortlessly, infuses charm an grace within his dramas.

The "grace" comes from Grace Kelly, who with great economy of gestures, is very readable and very nice to look at. She is cool, calm and charming.

Jimmy Stewart is perfect as the lead character, who is stuck in a wheelchair, and who observes a sinister event. He is a wonderful "leading man." Together, Kelly and Stewart have a very nice chemistry on film. You would think that they were naturally made for each other.

This is one that I could enjoy watching over again for a few more times.

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My second favorite Woody Allen movie, 28 June 2009

If I don't include his very early comedies, Deconstructing Harry would be my second favorite Woody Allen movie.

My first? That would be Annie Hall. Okay, so shoot me for being a schmaltzy romantic, but I'm standing by that.

This is the second Woody Allen movie I'm reviewing. In Deconstructing Harry exposes his soul (even though he doesn't believe in one) and inner thoughts more than in any other movie. He shows us some areas that are not "pleasant" or "cool", but they really are, because of his honesty and artistry.

It must be so very difficult to have these strong thoughts and feelings, and then to be able to write them down in a screenplay format, and then to shoot them and have them work on the screen to a mass audience.

I feel that writer-director Allen accomplished that.

His whole cast was wonderful, as is the case in all of his movies.

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Another really good one from Woody, 28 June 2009

Well, my first review for the IMDb. I picked one that I thought I was not going to like, but I like Woody Allen, so I gave it a shot.

I thought I would not like Whatever Works, because I read and heard some of the critics' negative reviews.

So, the first ten to fifteen minutes or so into the movie, I'm thinking that Larry David is better at improvising, as on his own show, than doing someone else's lines, albeit Woody Allen's.

But then, as usually is the case with Mr. Allen;s movies, I got hooked half way through. I got hooked because it was very well done. The story, the direction, the acting - yes, Larry David was perfect for this. It was a risky casting move on Mr. Allen's part, but it worked beautifully.

I like it also because Mr. Allen interjects philosophy in all of his movies. He courageously exposes himself, allows us to hear his thoughts and does these things by seducing us with entertainment.

Excellent work.

The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the sort of "tying up" philosophy about how we should go with whatever works. Such a happy ending. Why?

That said, id didn't interfere with my overall appreciation of the movie.