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Just the "Crème de la crème"!

In order, or at least I tried.
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Maybe they don't have the best bodys, hottest looks or the best *beep*
But who cares! they are different and created their special and unique kind of captivating beauty.

They disarmed me. I sense something sweet and fragile in all of them. Sweetness before perfection, soul over forms.
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Everyone wants to be the invincible Jack Bauer... but he is not funny! come on, should be pain in the ass having a Jack Bauer in your life. You save the world if you want while I have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Here are guys who should run the world, they have the true Swing.
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Yes, I love mafia's films ^^
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A mix of the animes I consider the best, really have feelings and a smile for all them.

You can't compare what you see in original voice in japanese and subtitles when you have 25 years.... and something you saw when you had 8-14 years in your main language...
But besides this, I tried to be fair and do my best! so here's the list.