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Kill it, 15 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From start to finish if you like this movie you have got to be a stupid, immoral animal. I fast forwarded through most of the movie. Humor can be based on a simple concept. Writing good humor takes a smart, creative mind with an understanding of the human spirit.

This movie tries to find humor in the most base and perverse things that people may do. Maybe it was the Susan Sarandon's stunning looking daughter or Leighton Meester as Andy Samberg's fiancé that kept me watching. Perhaps I anticipated some real humor from Sandler or Samberg. This movie wasted my time. Read the news and notice the rash of stories about female school teachers sleeping with young male students. It is not funny and it is not cool. Yes, Donny's teacher gets a 30 year prison sentence but at the end of the movie his son admits that he too would get with his "hot" teacher if he had the chance. I don't think that Donny's teacher when we see her in prison 30 years later as Susan Sarandon would be so confident as Sarandon seemed.

The ending makes me sick, Meester's character has been cheating on Samberg but worst of all she is caught having sex with her brother. Again, there is good reason for taboos and brother/sister sexual intercourse is a good taboo to avoid.

Finally, Adam Sandler's character disappoints, he cannot pull off the "infamous I slept with my teacher cool guy." The supporting actors who receive him as cool are not realistic. The jokes do not work. All copies of this movie should be destroyed.

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Splendid, 29 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For a couple of hours I had the extraordinary pleasure of witnessing A plus acting talent from a cast led by the powerful Bette Davis. Ms. Davis executes a flawless transition of her character Charlotte Vale from insecure, ugly spinster to beautiful, independent loving woman. I root for Charlotte and want the best for her. She handles the battle with her cruel Mom thanks to the help of two men. Paul Henreid and Claude Rains effectively support Charlotte as the love interest and therapist respectively.

Rains Dr. Jaquith, provides the sanity for Charlotte to find herself. He shows trust in her that unfortunately cannot be shown today. Can you imagine a Dr. allowing a patient to take home another patient, a minor to live with her? Dr. Jaquith trusts Charlotte and lets take home Jerry Durrance's neglected daughter home.

The plot poignantly deals with the two unwanted girls in Jerry's life. First, he truly loves Charlotte and she him but because he is married even though unhappily both have the character to respect his marriage. Then there is his daughter Tina whom his wife detests, like Charlotte's Mom detested her. After Charlotte recommends Dr. Jaquith to him, Jerry takes Tina there to find help but Tina does not have the success that Charlotte had until Charlotte meets her and goes out of her way to help her.

Charlotte so loves Jerry that she sacrifices and makes Tina her daughter with Jerry. Charlotte makes her home Jerry's and Tina's home too. Although, she can never have Jerry completely, she brings love to Tina that Jerry's wife never had for Tina.

I wish we had movies like this one today. Ms. Davis was a phenomenal actress. She may not seem like a knockout at the first glance but on second glance her beauty is eternal and everlasting.

"Becker" (1998)
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Wasted effort, 21 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While flipping channels today I caught part of a later "Becker" episode and re-visited a boring TV show. I forgot about this show and cannot believe we are nine seasons removed from its ending.

I remember anticipating Ted Danson's return to television comedy after all his success with Cheers. Becker disappointed me from the first episode. Oh, I would tune and catch other episodes because I respect Ted Danson and have an insatiable crush on Terry Farrell.

The writing killed this program and it was not funny. Why it survived six seasons may only be explained by the goodwill given to Danson for Cheers' success.

None of the characters except Terry Farrell's character were likable. Nancy Travis did nothing to interest me. The supporting characters were lame and forgettable.

Becker complains about everything under the sun. No one likes him or would want to spend anytime around him. Becker basically likes no one. As a Doctor you would think Becker would live a more opulent lifestyle than was presented on the show. For strange reasons the producers seemed to think that the more annoying Becker would get the better we would like the show. Instead Becker's complaining drove me away from the show. Ted Danson must have been crying for the excellent writing he got on Cheers. The Charles brothers are geniuses and produced the best writing I've ever seen in a comedy with Cheers. Becker was just a big letdown.

I loved it!, 10 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have watched this movie at least five times because I laugh so much each time I watch it. The plot was written well and the storyline seems reasonable. Having the characters with Brett Farve as himself works in this movie though this can be hard to pull off.

The cast shines beginning with Cameron Diaz who exudes attractiveness and charm. Thus we can easily understand all her "suitors" and why they are infatuated with her. Ben Stiller's self effacing and not confident character works well with Diaz' character.

The rest of the cast especially Matt Dillon, provide solid support for Stiller and Diaz. Most of the scenes are crazy funny. For example, we learn that when Magda's dog meets Mary's date for the first time they know he is a bad guy if the dog reacts negatively to him. So to get the dog in a crazy mood Matt Dillon (Pat Healy) and Lee Evans (Tucker) toss some dog treats laced with speed through the window and Magda and her dog ingest the speed. When Mary brings Ted over to her home for the first time, Magda is vacuuming like crazy and even lifts the couch with one hand. You can here the dog growling from the bathroom. Mary goes to talk to Magda and find out what's wrong and she asks Ted to get the dog. Ted gets nervous and asks about the breed and she says the breed and that the dog is like Benji. So Ted opens the door and sweetly tells the dog to come to him and the dog leaps onto him in full attack mode. That scene of physical humor ends with the dog leaping out of the window. My daughter and I laughed big belly laughs all during that scene.

This movie reminds me why I love watching movies. When you find one like this one you really get to appreciate all the artistic and creative efforts that came together to make such an entertaining comedy.

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Terrible, 10 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a poor transition to the next generation. Perhaps this is why the next generation never caught on. The premise is flawed that Captain Kirk would "apparently" die saving his crew only to be suspended somewhere in time until some 80 years later when he is released. Then Kirk gets to work with Captain Picard and help him kill the bad guy only to get killed himself and then Picard is the only person with him when he dies.

Star Trek could have made a much better movie. They should have employed a storyline where Kirk and his crew stumble upon a future problem and travel through time to help bail out Picard's crew. Thus, the experience of Kirk trumps the technology of Picard. Also, Picard and crew could drop hints about Kirk and his crew's fate. Then at the end of the movie we could have Picard and his crew watch Kirk and crew go back in time. That is how the baton should have been handed over to the generations team.

I caught this movie on TV today and it looks stiff and dated.

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Fantastic gem I just discovered, 30 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thanks to TCM I discovered this gem of a movie and watched it with a couple of late actors I adore, Spencer Tracy and Deborah Kerr. The first movie I saw Deborah Kerr in was with Carey Grant in "An Affair to Remember." I did not enjoy Kerr's performance because she and the movie seemed stuffy and dated. I watched Deborah Kerr in the late 1960s spoof of James Bond, "Casino Royale." This movie was made some 12 years or so after "An Affair to Remember." Although older, Kerr seduced me and I fell in love with her and began to appreciate her acting talents. In this particular movie with Spencer Tracy, I was completely floored by the range Kerr demonstrates. She is simply perfect and believable as the young wife who morphs into a broken down, despondent, alcoholic later in her life. Wow! I read that she was nominated by the Academy for her performance but why she did not win is beyond me. Deborah Kerr makes this a powerful movie.

Then there is lovable Spencer Tracy. I love Tracy and once again I am not disappointed by him. Tracy does a good job of portraying a man deluded by himself. He listens to no one but only follows his warped conscience and in the end he loses everything but keeps trudging along in his misguided ways. The supporting cast from the disgraced business partner who commits suicide, to the the doctor who delivers their son and pines for but never ends up with Kerr and finally, to Tracy's secretary whom he has a long love affair but casts aside once the affair becomes public were all superb. I strongly recommend this movie.

27 Dresses (2008)
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Routine and boring, 10 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this movie on a network with commercials and did not finish watching it but saw most of it. I cannot believe so much money was spent with such a poor result. This movie fails on many levels. First, the idea that Katherine Heigl's character is interesting enough to be featured in a big feature story for a large New York newspaper is balderdash. Heigl's character is boring and largely uninteresting.

The plot is contrived. The actress who plays her sister cannot act. The scene where she freaks out about the newspaper article does not work. She cannot carry that scene.

Katherine Heigl's role as the woman who is always the bridesmaid is not convincing. No one would believe that a woman of Heigl's beauty and charm would be unable to find a suitable husband.

The actor playing the newspaper reporter who falls for Heigl does not have chemistry with Heigl and he is miscast for the role. I do not buy him as a newspaper reporter.

The actor who plays Heigl's boss and the guy she thought she loved is underused. He seems bored by the role.

Overall this is a superficial and forced plot that begs to be interesting. With so much money to spend to make this movie one would think that the producer's could have delivered a better product.

Endearing movie, 12 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When this movie premiered in 1974 I was only five years old. I loved this movie for many reasons. First, the movie encapsulates scenery and the feel of 1974. When Harry walks into the airport in New York I noticed the red carpet. Well, back in 1974 my parents took me to our native India and on the way we went through the New York airport on our way back where I met my Mom's brother for the first time. He was living in New York then and I always remembered the red carpet. Art Carney delivers a wonderful performance as Harry. Carney exudes likability and warmth. No wonder he makes friends so easily and yet at the same time he weathers tragedies like the passing of his wife, friends and ultimately Tonto with grace. This film presents many wonderful character actors. Ellen Burnstyn looks so pretty. Larry Hagman made me empathize with "Eddie's" desperation paying his bills. Burt, the oldest and his wife, along with the bus driver, just encapsulate the New York of 1974. Tonto proves to be a wonderful companion for Harry. Melanie Mayron and Josh Mostel add flavor and have a lot of screen time. Harry connects with the youngsters and in life how many times do we see a senior citizen and a young man or woman relate to one another? The answer, quite often, we see this dynamic. All in all this movie stands the test of time and remains a wonderful little treasure.

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good but not perfect, 11 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed this movie on the strength of the chemistry between the lead characters. The aspect of the movie liked was the enduring love between the two leads. Henry and Clare have a pure love for each other. I did not have a problem with Henry visiting Clare as a child because he did not act inappropriately with her. Clare never dates anyone other than Henry and is a virgin until she sleeps with Henry as an adult. Henry's time travel is an affliction that causes him great suffering. He finds out about his ability when he loses his Mom and he goes back again and sees his Mom but cannot save her from death. Henry and Clare's daughter Alba is played well by sisters Hailey and Tatum McCann.

There are some weaknesses in the plot. Henry goes back in time several times and talks to his Mom yet the plot does not spend time on their relationship. Those scenes were not satisfying. Henry's Dad struggled with his wife's death and turned to alcohol but there is only the one scene between father and son and no exploration of the son and Dad coming to terms together with the Mom's passing. Henry is fond of Gomez but why he feels this way is not made clear. Also, confusing was why did his involuntary time travel take him back over and over to the field where little Clare played as she grew up? How could Henry hold down a job when he keeps disappearing to travel time? How could Henry who has a time travel experience on his wedding day manage to come back to that day from the future?

Memorable, laid back and fun, fun, fun!, 29 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Every Friday night my Dad, sometimes my uncle who lived with us then and my younger sisters tuned in to watch the Dukes. My Mom, a nurse usually worked Friday evenings and missed this show. One word sums up this show and that word is "fun." I loved the action, plots and characters. The writing was excellent and any quality television show begins with excellent writing.

The casting was superb and the actors were excellent. I loved Daisy in her short shorts and enjoyed those lovely legs. The Duke boys were free spirits who lived life to the fullest. Who wouldn't get a kick from driving the general lee and performing all those stunts? I would love to tear around the countryside like they did. How could anyone not love wise old Uncle Jesse? I remember Denver Pyle from other TV shows and he is one example of a familiar face we had all seen before. Sorrell Brooks as Boss Hogg was another example. Also, many of the guest stars were actors we knew from other work.

Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco were perfect as the bad guys and brought the show to the next level. Enis was interesting because he was a nice guy working for mean bosses. Everyone could understand his attraction to Daisy but the poor guy was not too bright.

Finally, Waylon Jennings added a wonderful touch to the song with his catchy theme song and commentaries as the show went out to commercial breaks. All in all this was a superb and memorable show.

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