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So, so bad:(, 22 December 2009

So, I'm not going to insult the people who liked this movie but I have to ask: What in the world do you like about this movie? OK i get it, the books are good, I've read them but the movies are just awful. The actors are really bad, the lines, everything. Kristen Stewart is a bad actress. And Robert Pattison a horrible actor. I know you all are going to say " go to hell you don't know what you're talking about" but this comment is just my opinion. just like others wrote. I have some friends that loved this movie and i still try to understand why? I thought i was going to fall asleep at the cinema. It was SO boring. The actors have no charisma. nothing. no facial expression. The lines are horrible and I better stop here. So, I've learned my lesson,I'm not going to the cinema to see the next movie. I've wasted good money on this one. I'm not making the same mistake again next year or whenever it will be. So people sorry if anyone got mad with this comment, not my intention, just wanted to express my feeling towards this movie ( if you can call it that ).

With respect, Raluca from Romania :)