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Brilliant program, should be watched by everyone
2 June 2012
The program concentrates NOT on the Phoebus Cartel (as stated in an earlier review), but on the story behind "Planned Obsolescence" and how it has affected consumerism and innovation in modern times.

The title "The light bulb conspiracy" relates to the FIRST known case of planning to make something worse (than they currently were) in order to sell more and make higher profits, and the global conspiracy behind it. However this is only one small part of the story.

By creating a world-wide MAXIMUM limit of 1000 hours (not minimum as stated in an earlier review {reading this Peter}) on the life of incandescent globes (when they were making 2500 hour globes at that time) they stifled all innovation in that field. (They had FINES for companies whose bulbs lasted longer than 1050 hours, and the more they exceeded this by, the higher the fine)

But Planned Obsolescence was not just limited to Light Bulbs, but to nearly every consumer item manufactured in the western world (and the EASTERN world as well, as so many western companies have their products manufactured in Asia), and has done so until very recent times. Even today obsolescence is achieved, not through planned failure, but through innovation. (Who wants to own and use a Mobile phone that ONLY makes calls and sends text messages, when a newer phone also lets you take photos, surf the internet, play games, etc?) But where does all the OLD, USED, and BROKEN equipment go? Watch the documentary, and you'll see just how irresponsible some companies are with their cast-off equipment.

I liked the story enough to recommend it to my lecturer on ICT Sustainability for my current IT course. He's looking to include it in future classes.
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Arctic Blast (2010)
Don't bother, it's a waste of money
11 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was told how BAD this movie was going to be at the 6.5-7 minute mark. Honestly, you can TELL that this movie was made BY Yanks FOR Yanks, "Temperature in Hobart is a pleasant 72 degrees ... " I don't know what moron did the research for this movie (if ANY), but WE use the METRIC and CELSIUS SCALES ... 72 degrees would be FATAL in a few minutes. (The USA, Burma and Liberia are the only countries on earth that still uses the archaic IMPERIAL unit measurements.)

OTHER major errors include the fact that Insulin is only used for HIGH blood sugar. Giving insulin to somebody with LOW blood sugar is potentially FATAL (there's a REASON diabetics carry both Insulin AND Jelly Babies, one for High and one for LOW blood sugar levels.)

The SCIENCE is also atrocious, and if you're an avid Sci-Fi fan you'll CRINGE in many places at the inaccuracy of it all. For instance the temperature was cold enough to freeze a person solid, yet the sea water around the ship was still liquid. Air that rises OR FALLS at a high enough speed will ROTATE, it won't fall straight down. ALL the Ozone Layer does is block short wavelength (<300nm) ULTRAVIOLET radiation, which is fatal to DNA and would kill most biological life (even cockroaches and surface living sea-life). Everybody's heard about the hole in the Ozone layer near Antarctica, yet the temperature is still nearly the same as usual.

The Southern Jet Stream circles Antarctica, reaching as far north as Northern Victoria, and travels at between 70-100 knots (average). There's NO WAY for ANY balloon launched in Queensland to REACH the southern ocean, let alone travel 1500 miles in 20 minutes (it's 1600 km {1000 mi} from Hobart to the Queensland border.)

Overall the ACTING was adequate, though nothing to get excited about, but it was dragged down by a poor script, overdone & fake Australian accents and VERY POOR special effects.
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