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another nice sequel, 3 September 2010

The third TB is like the first two - funny, clever, cute, visually stunning. My little one (4) absolutely loved it, so did I. It kept her attention from beginning till the end, what I don't see every day. It's useless to speak about visuals - the colors are wonderful, as we are used to, the objects are elastic and "real" in the way an animated fairy tale can be. The story is also nice. This time there's much more space for Vidia, which tries to show her better side. Tinker Bell's friends known from the first two movies are also present, we are missing the "management" and the background crew, so the storyline is much more intimate. The coping-stone of the action is a little over the top (=7/10), but what the hell, it's a fairytale...

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Next time go and rewrite the Bible, 21 July 2010

Well, after seeing a few reviews here I was expecting the worse before seeing this movie, but even then it exceeded (in a wrong way) my expectations. The whole movie looked to me like a hallucination of someone high on drugs. The director/writer(s) just dumped a few (imho important) parts and characters off the classic myth, then filled the empty space with stuff they made probably during/after a really hard drinking night. Conflict between Zeus and Hades? Revenge driven Perseus? Who the hell is Io anyway? Pegassus coming from nowhere acting like a puppy? Djinns? They look like Treebeard from LOTR, but what do they do in this story? And last, but not least - anyone who did not bother to read the Greek mythology before seeing this **** will keep on asking: - Who is this Andromeda girl? What's the big deal anyway? Just dump her in the water and call it a day! I could continue, but this movie just isn't worth it. A nice classic story misused, raped, chewed and spitted to the ground, added some CGI and that's it. The outcome is shallow, boring and absolutely disappointing. I gave it 2 for some acting and the Medusa fight scene, which I find the only so-so interesting part in the whole movie. I was looking forward to it, as it had a great potential to be nice using modern technologies. The puppets in the '81 original did not really give her justice, so OK, the movie earned an extra point for the Medusa and some CGI. That was the actual way of making this movie I'd expect. Take the part of the story, maybe tweak it a little, make it look good and that's all. Yepp, and did I mention Kraken looked to me pretty much like the monster from Cloverfield?

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Nice and entertaining, 30 October 2009

I don't understand the low rating (4.9) up to date. I really liked it, not to mention my 3yo daughter. I was really curious to see the sequel after TB1 was highly satisfactory for the whole family. I watched it about a couple of dozen times with the little one. Now this new DVD would experience the hard times the first one did until now... but I grabbed it to our NMT and put the media to safety. I can nothing but recommend it. Really nice animation, eye candy from the beginning to the end, nice story, nice message. Most of the characters from the first TB got just marginal appearances, on the other way others were promoted. This one was more about Tink, less about interaction between the fairies like in the first one, but imo the movie did not suffer because of that. All in all - 8/10

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Nice, but with disturbing character inconsistency, 21 October 2009

First the pros - 99% of the movie was shot in daylight in the beautiful Hawaiian nature, really relaxing to the eyes. Good cast, good acting overall. Interesting story, which actually pulled my attention and made me watch the movie. The promised twist was there and was a big one, but more about it in cons... Cons - Well, the promised "twist" was a huge and unexpected one. So unexpected it was really difficult to believe. It made me wondering like "Wow, wait a minute! Weren't they doing this and this a few minutes ago? Didn't they tell this and this? Ehmmm.... they actually did, so what the...?" The script wasn't really finished (well) IMHO, it made me feel like the story was born during writing the script, but after finishing it there was no time/will to rework the beginning and synchronize it with the end. This made the lead characters really inconsistent and left me quiet unsatisfied after the movie ended, even if I have to say the final action sequence was good enough.

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Low Budget thriller on independent amateur university level, 30 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First things first - first thing I noticed is Kelly Overton (Tyler) is a cute girl. The rest of the actors was nice, too. But the second thing is - I've seen little to no acting. Or - was it too much? Probably not. It was good enough for an amateur project full of amateurs picked up on the street, but please forgive me, this was really poor. Most of the time it reminded me the level of acting (and directing and cutting and screenplay etc...) of an endless Latin American soap opera. The action was half good. First half of the movie was OK. A girl in NY looking for her sis, finding clues one after another leading her to her goal. After her meeting with Clare (or during?) the script begun to loose sense. Would anyone with common sense act like Tyler in the movie? I doubt it, and since then the film kept losing it's drive. In fact the second part of it was boring, predictable, irrational, did not make any sense. I kept watching it until the credits just to be sure it was a complete waste of time. Sorry, beware.