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Series that lead nowhere, 7 August 2016

The first season was barely just watchable. After that, they were just garbage. Incoherent stories that lead nowhere. And a very forced storyline to get a musician into the series somehow? I'm fine with cameo appearances, but don't get lazy about the script / story! It's like they threw the season's manuscript together in five minutes. I kept watching episode after episode, hoping that something interesting would happen. And of course, it didn't. That's my fault for continuing to watch even though it was pretty clear that there would be no satisfying end or any interesting development.My bad.

I suppose Jessica Lang was kind of born to play her roles in the series. Pretty fitting roles. Aside from her, the cast is kind of mixed in terms of their performances. some are acceptable, some area bit cringe-worthy. Oh wells, at least it's not as bad as Jessica Jones / Luke Cage.

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Had promise, but cool action shots give way to teen male stupidity, 30 September 2011

I've noticed a lot of reviews mention bouncing boobs, but please note that they're never actually shown nude. That's problem 1.

When this series opened, it showed some promise with some unique action art. But it quickly devolved, as it was clear that they spent 0 budget on writers. The plot was awful, had a ton of holes, and the dialogue was typical dumb teen male fantasy garbage.

Back to the boobs and butt shots...So I don't mind seeing cute chicks naked, but to focus episodes or story lines on boobs or butts is extremely juvenile. If it has something to do with the rest of the story, sure, go for it. But if it's made just as an opportunity to show more boobs, then it detracts from the story. If I wanted to see boobs, I could just watch porn or hentai. But if I'm watching real anime, I want more. Either a good plot, or interesting characters, or a unique story, or some dynamic action. HOTD started off well with one of these (action) but then the later episodes started skimping on action and replaced it with teen male fantasy boob stories.

Contagion (2011)
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Technically sound but lacks a soul, 13 September 2011

I struggled with rating this film after I saw it. On the one hand, it's very technically sound and precise, with very few wasted scenes or shots. However, the clinical and sterile vibe left it feeling a bit soulless. There are strong performances by Damon and Fishburne, but too many subplots and story lines detracted from the pace and kept me from feeling deeply invested in any of the characters. Still, there are a few elements worth seeing in Contagion. The film is signature Soderbergh with its stylish score, edits, and montages. I also enjoyed the portrayal of events that occur given a potential pandemic after the foundations of society and industry are halted.

So my decision between rating it 4 to 6 out of 10 hinged on this question I asked myself: was watching the film worth my time? If I knew how I'd feel about it before I saw it, would I have gone ahead and watched it if I had the free time? It's a pretty close decision, but I think I would have passed on it if I knew how cold it turned out to be.

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Fun series featuring a variety of eclectic episodes, 12 September 2011

Samurai Champloo is a fun and energetic series. The episodes feature a variety of different story lines. Some are comedic, some are filled with action, some are filled with thrills, some are a bit tragic, and there's even an x-files-ish one. They're all pulled off very well with some contemporary editing, direction, and a stylish score. The only drawback is some of the funk/hip-hop/rock editing/themes can get annoying when they overdo it, especially in the beginning. But they use it as a means to convey that, even though it's an adult series, it's clearly meant for younger/younger-at-heart adults. The ending didn't close as strongly as it could have, but it was worth watching just for the ride.

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Fantastic animation held back by spotty plot and story, 9 September 2011

This is a frustrating series because it had so much promise. The artwork and animation are superbly detailed. I couldn't believe I was watching an anime produced 8-9 years ago. The premise and story are pretty interesting as well, though somewhat disjointed. It felt like a love letter to the art and culture of air flight, but then that line clashes a bit with the whole sci-fi aspect of the series. The ending also feels abrupt and rushed. It felt like the story took an abrupt turn, the way that James Cameron's "The Abyss" did. But the ending wasn't built up the same way, leading to the rushed feeling at the end.

On the bright side, not only does the artwork shine, but there are a few bright dramatic moments where the director builds the scene to an impressive crescendo. And on the dark side, the dialogue also suffers from the same disjointedness that the plot does.

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original action choreography can't save the amateur script, 2 September 2011

What a waste of some big name icons. The chemistry between this crew never develops like it does with the Ocean's series. The script felt like it was pieced together from paper-mache. The plot is jumpy with no cohesion and the dialogue is simplistic at best. There are attempts at story and character development, but they failed worse than I failed my first calculus exam. The lone performance with at least a touch of soul comes from Mickey Rourke, but he only has a minor role in the film.

So with all this bad in the film, could it be saved by the action? Not at all. I'll credit the action choreographer with some unique fights and original combat, but like the plot, it's not strung together in a well-flowing sequence like, let's say the Star Trek or Transformers action sequences. I'll admit the film was fun at times, but not enough to overcome the feeling of awkwardness every time Stallone or Dolph mumbled through their lines that didn't even really fit the scene. I'll be sure to stay far away from the sequel.

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strong performances, technically sound, but dull, 21 August 2011

This film has great performances by Lawrence and Hawke. The script is well written, the dialogue is deeply stirring. Cinematography is well done as well, with stark shots of the rural geography which really sets a dark and dreary mood. The town's drug culture and power dynamics are set up well with the story, giving us a strong sense of how easy it is for the townsfolk to get in trouble with the rural underworld.

Unfortunately, the pace of the film is at a crawl and the payoff is rather dull and expected. To me it's like the Social Network, where I'll remember the strong performances, but in the end, I would have rather not have spent the time watching the film if I knew it would be like this.

Bubble (2005/I)
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Not a good subject for a film, 29 July 2011

Well...nothing out of the ordinary happens in this film. It simply shows normal everyday people going about their normal everyday lives. I'm sure some film patrons would enjoy this plain, down to earth style of film, but when I watch a movie or show, I look for stories that are not ordinary, because I myself live an ordinary life and want to see things portrayed that happen outside of my own life and space.

There's no protagonist in this film, no real heroes or villains, not much conflict, and the characters don't really grow or change. Pretty much just a depiction of ordinary people living ordinary lives, at a time when there are no real significant events happening in their lives. The film does end with a slightly different event happening, but by that time, I was completely numbed by the drab and dreary story of these characters' experiences (or rather non-experiences), that I didn't really care. Possibly the worst film I've ever seen, tied with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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Worth the watch for the mood and animation, 29 July 2011

This is a dark and gritty series with none of the fluff that typical anime includes in order to cater to younger viewers. Its strong points are its unique animation, understated score, and pervasive mood. The animation is stylistic and highly detailed. The action and pace are slow and deliberate, so that the animation really focuses on the details of the scene. This type of animation looks like it could be the inspiration behind some of the recent American motion comics, like Iron Man Extremis, which I really enjoyed. The score is also carefully paced and understated, combining with the art to set the perfect mood of darkness and despair.

Sounds pretty good so far right? Well the story and plot are fairly straightforward and simplistic. There's nothing blatantly wrong with them, no cheesy plot-fillers like in the early episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. It's just that there's nothing that unique about the story (one stoic samurai seeking honor, another ambitious samurai seeking power), and not many surprises or strategies to the plot (of which Death Note was the pinnacle). Additionally, the plot jumps multiple time lines, making it a challenge to keep up with the story.

But despite the slight flaws in the simplistic plot and story lines, the art is definitely worth checking out if you want to see something innovative and have the patience to stick with the deliberate pace of the series.

Fun ride if you enjoy over-the-top action, gore, and satire., 6 July 2011

If you like this type of humor, then the movie's hilarious. I like this type of humor, ergo the hilarity. Basically, over-the-top action sequences with parodies of Nazi-esque propaganda, mixed with some campy acting. Probably a little different than the serious piece of sci-fi storytelling and future sociological admonitions that Heinlein had intended in his novel, but that's what movie adaptations and cover songs are for: a reinterpretation or re-envisioning of the original work.

Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Ironside's performances set the camp tone (with decent support from Dina Meyer), and Van Dien, Richards, and Busey providing serviceable framework characters.

Verhoeven seems to make either gold or lead. This one's gold.

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