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The Inbetweeners (2012– )
Not even going to bother!!!!
13 January 2013
I've just watched the trailer for the sake of it. All I have to say is this is a big pile of 'bus w$#%$%rs' crap. American's can not, again CAN NOT re-produce British humour, why, because it is OUR humour. Just like British people should not try and steal American humour, or anyone else's.

British people are sarcastic, cynical and subtle with their humour, and it suits us.

And furthermore, why not just use your imagination America and think of something yourselves? You know you can, oh wait, you get desperate for ratings and think by stealing a successful show from another country, it will automatically give you success. It's the most desperate attempt to get ratings and popularity. Rant Over!!! P.s. IMDb has advised me humour should be spelled 'humor', it shouldn't, because that's lazy American English. (Couldn't even copy our language correctly!)
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There Will Be Bloody Oscars!
26 February 2009
Daniel Day Lewis thoroughly deserved his Oscar for his betrayal of a charismatic, greedy, shrewd and sometimes hauntingly cold oil tycoon.

The movie may last three hours but it certainly doesn't feel too long, as I was engrossed from the start and craved for more as the story continued on.

Great characters, interesting plot, and fantastic directing. The movie has a greatness about it that will certainly dub it as one of the classics of all time, up there with Space Odysey 2001, The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemption.

The cinematography is sensational and the movie is filled with an abundance of beautiful landscapes.

I have to say that it will take something special to beat this one.

Overall a fantastic movie and certainly a must in your DVD collection, especially if you are a Daniel Day Lewis fan.
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Seven Pounds (2008)
Worth the Seven Pounds I Paid for it!...
26 February 2009
Well, actually I paid 14 AUD which at the time of the economic crisis, was around 7 British Pounds, but's that irrelevant, I just wanted to try and catch peoples attention with the catch line.

Anyhow, it still goes without saying that this movie is well worth seeing.

I didn't know what it was about, or even had a clue of what was going to happen. If anything I thought it might be a disappointment or overrated.

However, my doubts were settled at least two minutes into it, as the powerful opening 'phone conversation' scene between Will Smith and Woody Harreslon had me gripped.

I enjoyed the acting, especially from Smith, who is a favourite of mine, I enjoyed the mystery of the plot, the emotion and the interaction between the characters.

This certainly is a modern day Shakespearian tragedy. I very rarely cry watching movies, especially at the movies with my wife. However, the few (manly) tears fell during the movies heart wrenching, climatic finish.

I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone by accidentally leaking out anymore key scenes or actions, so I'll stop there.

I'd like to end on this note by thanking whoever has read this and hopefully you will be encouraged to watch this movie.

Regards Andrew
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Wanted (2008)
Not What I... 'Wanted'!
22 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, firstly, what in the name of all that is holy, is Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman doing in such an awful movie, maybe he has outstanding debts to the IRS that he desperately needed cash and was willing to star in anything! He would have walked away with more dignity starring in an amatuerly made bad porn movie! And for Angelina Jolie, well, lets face it, she wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for her legendary Hollywood star father, Jon Voight, who I'm sure wouldn't think twice about starring in this tripe! Secondly, the movie itself. Storyline...ridiculous and full of clichés, hardly any thought put into it what-so-ever. If you want to watch cool movies about assassins, watch Hit-man (5/10), The Killers (John Woo), Collateral (Cruise), Desperado (Banderos), Leon (Luc Bisson). Don't limit yourself to second rate movies like this, they're are a waste of time.

Thirdly, all this 'bullet time' cinematography has been done before. Notably The Matrix, (which by the way this movie rips off to the max) I mean çurving bullets around corners!' Come on! And even when this movie tries to be clever, i.e. the scene with the 'keyboard' well excuse me for noticing that there is only one letter 'U' on any make of keyboard.

I sincerely hope this is not the best there will be in Hollywood action movies. However, at the same time it excites me slightly because as an aspiring scriptwriter I'm sure to make some bucks if this is my competition.

But even I know that in Hollywood, it is sadly sometimes a case of not 'what you know' But 'Who'that matters, and that is my only conclusion as to how this movie was made.

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