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There have been better time travel movies, 7 November 2010

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The movie has a neat concept the isn't very well execuated. The filmmakers shouls have made The movie has a neat concept the isn't very well execuated. The filmmakers shouls have made a funnier time travel movie. The jokes more often than not fall flat. The movie kept me wanting to find out how the story was going to wrap up. Unfornutately, it didn't come togeather as well as I hoped. The ending wasn't satisfying enough and should have borough more closure. Even though this isn't what I would call a good movie, it is barely passable.funnier time travel movie. The jokes more often than not fall flat. Even though this isn't what I would call a good movie, it is barely passable. Anna Farris makes an appearance. She does not have a lot of screen time. Showing up out of nowhere sporatically throughout the movie.

Kisses (2008)
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A grim and pessimistic movie about two child runaways, 5 November 2010

An excellent movie even. Even with a short 75 minute running the movie is crafted and developed impressively. Not a feel good movie in the slightest. It is the story of two Irish runaway children that come from abusive homes. It is unabashedly forthright in its hopeless outlook on life in general. The subject matter of the movie is undeniably grim and pessimistic, but this is a great example of superb minimalist film making. Nothing is overdone or excessive. Everything on screen seems to be needed and no time or scene is wasted for any reason. This movie will satisfy fans of art house and foreign film. Some people will be put off by it due to its subject matter but others who appreciate this kind of movie will definitely want to go see it.

The Losers (2010/I)
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The equivalent to cinematic junk food, 29 July 2010

The Losers as a movie and a graphic novel adaptation lies somewhere between mediocre and half-decent; closer to the former than the latter. There are lots of explosions, plenty of action and a fast pace throughout. The action is on the level of pg-13 which diminishes it. It's also quite silly, inane and dopey.

Even though the dialog is pretty bad at times, admittedly I found some of the one liners funny. The pacing is very kinetic and energetic which is sometimes to its benefit but also to its detriment. The plot is befuddling not because of complexity (or lack of) but because of its utter ridiculousness and the speed at which the movie progresses. The movie rarely lets up which often leads to confusion. I forgot about following the plot after awhile and decided to just go with the movie and try to get something out of it.

There are far better action movies and graphic novel adaption that have been produced. Those movies are worth seeing before this one. The movie isn't boring. It's just empty and barren. There is no trace of substance whatsoever. Watching The Losers is the equivalent of eating too much junk food and getting a sugar rush. Agreeable, while a person consumes it but instantly forgettable right after possibly leading to a bad feeling of some sort afterward such as a headache.

Armored (2009)
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There are better heist movies worth seeing than this, 26 July 2010

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A bunch of imbecile transport security men decide to rob their own company by stealing money from the armored vehicle that they are supposed to look after.

The characters come off as being dimwitted and incompetent. While watching the movie its obvious that this isn't how they were supposed to be written and portrayed. Each of the characters frequently make the most moronic and boneheaded decisions when carrying out the plan. This must be one of the worst plotted heists ever. Everything that could go wrong does. The absence of logic is astounding.

Despite glaring problems with the script the well put together ensemble cast salvage this movie to some degree. The action is alright but could be a lot better. The movie takes place mostly in one location most likely to save money. The production is obviously modestly budget and it shows. Definitely, not one of the best movies of its kind.

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Even though the movie is derivative and unoriginal I still liked it, 22 July 2010

Been there done that. This cop drama is a derivative mixture of movies of the same type from the past. Even though this is the case I thought it was done fairly well. I know I should dislike this movie because of this, but I don't. Its competently directed and acted. Although The story ventures into familiar territory I still seemed to care about it for some reason. Not a bad movie for it genre, the movies biggest problem is that its unoriginal. That doesn't mean its not good. It indicates that the genre has been overly done throughout the years. The movie was directed by Antoine Fuqua who also was behind another cop drama which was better called training day starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke who also stars in this movie.

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Underwhelming filmaking by Ang Lee, 16 July 2010

I expected more from Ang Lee. The movie depicts the spirit and atmosphere of Woodstock and the corresponding time period. The problem is that the movie is too quirky and not dramatic enough. The acting is alright but the script is sub-par. Additionally it feels unpolished and rough around the edges and not dramatic enough. Maybe it was the way the director wanted the movie to come across. The movie didn't fully come together and left me feeling unsatisfied at its conclusion. Ang Lee has direct many great movies in the past; this isn't one of them. Its not his worst though. Hulk is his worst. The movie isn't great it isn't terrible either.

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Very good thriller... Over the top and suspenseful... Vintage DePalma... Fans of the director won't be disappointed., 23 May 2010

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Brian DePalma's attempt at paying homage to director Alfred Hitchcock and his movie Psycho,among others, comes across more as a blatant rip-off. However, despite this I ended up liking the film. I never felt bored. Actually, some of the reasons why I did enjoy the movie as much as I did were in part because of DePalma and his directing style.

I found the movie to be captivating even though it got increasingly silly as it went along. DePalma's over-stylization and brazen references to Hitchcock kept me wanting to watch more. His self-indulgent tracking shots did become annoying after awhile, but these flourishes are to be expected from him. All the wild plot twists, excessiveness and over-the-top presentation of the whole thing made the movie even more entreating. Sure, it's trashy, lurid and exploitative, but these elements sets this movie apart from other thrillers. It's a good film that's fun to watch. Michael Cane's scenery chewing performance was great to watch. It's too bad Brian DePalma hasn't directed a half-decent film in years.

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Fake footage, silly movie, 20 March 2010

I can attempt to accept the idea that this movie is supposed to contain so-called "real" and "dramatized" footage contrasted with one another while consciously knowing it's all fake. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for the intent of being entertained while watching a movie. However, if that movie fails to sustain my interest causing my mind to start wandering off due such factors as boredom and plot incoherence than it's a stretch for me to accept what I am being told to believe.

Similar to Paranormal activity in some respects I had trouble really getting into this one. Paranormal activity was a better movie and had more creepier moments scattered throughout other than repeated jump scares which are widely prevalent in The Fourth Kind. Paranormal Activity did this with a smaller budget as well.

If I was given a legitimate reason to care all that much about this production than it would help me to like it more than I did.

Even though it's not the greatest movie I have ever seen I still found it to be a a serviceable, although weak, sci-fi genre effort that's alright to watch in order to pass the time, but nothing that should be sought out. Nobody should go out of their way to watch this movie. It's silly and fun to laugh at. Since this is the way I chose to look at the movie after a while and stopped taking it too seriously, this helped me get through it rather painlessly.

An enjoyable thriller that's worth watching, 22 February 2010

Ridiculous, silly, over the top, riddled with plot holes and loaded with impossible scenarios that could never happen in reality. Funny enough, this is actually what made the movie watchable. It's so over the top in every way that it left me wanting to see more. Every step of the way I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next. I ended up liking this movie more than I expected to. Sure it has its problems, but I was never bored by it. I don't really care if it didn't make a whole lot of sense. This movie was entertaining and better than I thought it would be. Though not a "masterpiece of cinema" in any way it was however an enjoyable thriller and a decent way to waste time.

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Rickey Gervaise not as his best or most impressive, 11 February 2010

A one note movie that wears out its welcome fast. A clever premise ends up yielding constant repetition from one joke stretched way too thin. The movie ends up milking the premise for everything it is worth. I like Rickey Gervaise as a comedian even though his acting skills seems to be bland and insipid at times. Gervaise is kind of like a watered down, debilitated version of his celebrity persona. There are a few funny lines uttered by the characters as well as some laughs sprinkled throughout. The movie starts off funny, but gets annoying as it loses its way. It's generic and underwhelming although not horrible. Underwhelming to say the least.

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