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if you want the rawness and emotional appeal of this kind of film watch La Pivellina, 11 October 2016

There is a film called "La Pivellina" which portrays the same sort of story but in a truly believable situation without the sanitised celebrity screenplay this film provides. This is a sympathy film and even though its well acted and has a reflective story line it doesn't provide the believability factor for me as much as the Austrian / Italian film does. Now that film really touches your heartstrings with unknown actors putting realism and real soul and feeling into a similar story of a little girl abandoned and found by an Italian circus troupe on the edge of poverty. You can see the tears are silicon tears in the Light between Oceans. Its your choice.

Low Lights (2009)
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Oh so unusual - something different to delight you., 7 November 2009

This might seem like an ordinary film to many. BUT like all foreign subtitled films made by Europeans it has something interesting to say and mesmerises you. This film will not be seen by many except maybe at film festivals and I wonder if its ever possible to buy the DVD. Shame if you don't see it. This is a film set in Vilnius in Lithuania and like all foreign films it transports you away from the normal everyday life of England and sets you down in somewhere mysterious and different. Here you are, on a sort of holiday in a foreign place with a different environment to excite you. The story is about 2 guys and a series of arbitrary events during a long long night of driving around the capital at night. Foreign characters who act naturally as themselves. Sounds boring and simple. It will be to many observers but there is detail and interest right to the end. A strange, sexy but enigmatic woman weaves her spell throughout and its not the sort of film you would see coming out of the US. I loved it. No great plot or story but a riveting series of adventures and study of character. Its a journey of interest. Characterization very good, Acting good, Script quite good, Events and screenplay quite unusual. Something completely different and the film ends in a cleverly managed way.