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Irresponsible and Stupid, 21 December 2008

As much as I enjoy Boston Legal in the past few years, this Made in China (5.12) is absolutely not acceptable and stupid. This is an extremely irresponsible episode.

A. you faked up very negative China business people which in most of the cases never happened in the real world,

B. you made up this episode upon imaginations of so called human rights in your own head and other issues—how many of you even visited China for just Once to understand this country? Most Chinese have in fact much better human rights than before and even better than some of your people right now! Don't tell me you read and watch your news—what kind of twisted news you are having all the time from your propaganda?

C.this episode tried to negatively stereotype Chinese, Chinese Government and Chinese business culture---see your own Poll company results, 93% of Chinese people support the Chinese government, how about yours? Don't pretend to be nice in this episode by faking to say ' China people and country are nice' while putting on so many dirty comments to China, What do you know exactly the history and truth of Tian an men? Tibet? And so on? The conversation and what Allan said in this episode are totally not acceptable!

D, if your genius writer(s) are a little bit dry out, there's no point putting ugly things to others just to make a scene

E. US now has more than 10 thousands students in China—if you really want to add China to your show, ask their opinions a little bit before doing this so irresponsible episode.

F. I am tired of your US based TV shows when you try to add some Chinese or China to your show—it's always negative, always ugly. I can hardly find any offencive or negative about US people in Chinese TV shows.Why is that? Because US people are so good that Chinese can not find any negative things to make a show? No, usually not! Because Chinese TV producers are much nicer and objective in this regard

G.China has its own very serious problems—but you guys mentioned in this episode are totally missing the point. Don't try to be ' nice' when you are actually so prejudiced and biased on Chinese issues, don't try to fake up things and offend Chinese people, don't try to say ' we just don't like your government, not Chinese people' , just don't fake it!

H. You arrogant writers of this Epsode, I have to say, if I wrote all of my comments in Chinese, without a translator, you don't have a clue what I am talking about—who is so narrow minded here?

I. Watch out, this is a small world. If you want to comment on any thing privately, that's fine, but if you put your twisted understanding into a good show like Boston Legal, it's very stupid!

J. Yes, China and Chinese are getting stronger, by working harder, much harder. You can look around in your Chinese town or street, usually how long the Chinese open their stores?

K. So according to your interpretation, Chinese government and communists are the bad guys----but in reality, none of the countries in this world hasn't gotten its own problems.Isn't it a good saying ' clean your won yard'? When can you guys learn a little bit something as Mr. Deng said: Black cat, White cat…after all, do you really know what communists are ?