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Annie Hall Again, 3 June 2014

I can see why so many people raved about Cate Blanchett's performance in this movie. Alex Baldwin (her husband) plays a cheating con man, no stretch for his acting abilities. The male supporting characters reminded me of the guys on Laverne and Shirley, slapstick characters from New Jersey.

To me, this was yet another Woody Allen remake of Annie Hall. A story of a neurotic woman trying to cope with life. Only back in the 70's Annie was funny and fresh. 40 years later, it's not.

The ending, which I'll not reveal to give away potential spoilers was a complete let down and showed no creativity whatsoever. 5 stars for Cate.

Gravity (2013)
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Entertaining Visuals, 5 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

On the plus side, a lot of excellent special effects and scenes in this movie. Bullock does a very good job with a somewhat limiting script/dialogue, but creates tension & terror when needed.

Clooney is Clooney. A charmer, surface deep, wise-cracking character.

There are images that make you think of Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, 2001 Space Oddessy and the very end scene which really was bad.

***Spoiler alert*** Bullock emerges from a pond and crawls to the beach - really? Hit the audience on the head with that allusion of rebirth and a second chance.

There are "liberties" taken with the physics involved, to a purist that would be bothersome, but for the average viewer such as me, I can deal with that. It's good for 90 minutes of entertainment.

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Good, Solid Entertainment, 5 March 2014

Based on truth, pirates off the Somalian coast hijack cargo ships and hold ships captive for insurance money. Sad, but true - it still happens now, it is often cheaper (in money) for the ships to pay the Ransom than sail out of the way. The owners of the ships, crews and pirates all know this creating a very dangerous environment.

Tom Hanks plays the captain of such a ship. A normal guy trying to fight off young kids who are given AK-47's and a few pennies for their efforts. Since the merchant men are unarmed, it's an unfair battle, but Cpt Phillips uses his wits and what few resources he has to save his crew and ship.

I found the movie to be balanced - it presents all sides of the problem; the crew who are put at risk, the Capitan and even the pirates. The ending is rips your heart out. Hanks really did an excellent job there.

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Hope God Forgives Director,Cast & Writers, 4 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are only 2 reasons I watched this film until the end. To see if the ending was as bad as the rest of the movie (it's worse, if possible) and to review the whole movie fairly.

Wooden acting, lousy script writing. Predictable and tired plot. No suspense.

Ryan Gosling runs a fight club which is really a front for drug operation. Possible spoilers: His brother gets killed, Ryan does not avenge the death and mommy flies in from the states to set things right. Only she doesn't. It gets worse and worse and finally it ends.

Nothing redeeming about this one.

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Does Not Stand Test of Time, 15 November 2012

The original Italian job is supposed to be campier & funny than the remake. I know some of this is British humor, which tends to be more dry, but I did not chuckle or laugh at all.

The plot was good but poorly executed. Cheesy sound effects at the Turin Motor Vehicle control room to help the audience "get" the fact the computer is messed up? Perhaps.

The British mobster behind bars but running the prison was too heavy handed.

The ending was horrible. I won't give it away.

I prefer the remake.

Apollo 18 (2011)
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Aliens meets Blair Witch Project, 14 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Forgot all of the plot holes in this - there is no sound in space, the astronauts are walking, not bouncing on the moon, the astronauts loose their cool, the temperature on the moon is always cold & the space suit would automatically adjust, how did they get the film back to earth? I can deal with goofs in exchange for a good thriller.

If you're not a fan of the hand held camera technique, which I think is a cover-up for poor plot, skip this movie.

The primary reason to skip the movie is that it is dull, slow, the ending is predictable, no surprise and worse, the 'monsters' ***SPOILER ALERT***** are crabs. In a low budget movie such as this, I did not expect some ground breaking new super bad cool alien, but a crab?

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Bad to the Bone, 31 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thank heaven I saw this on cable & did not pay for it. Holy smokes, this was predictable, already done, clichéd.

**Spoiler Alerts**the character played by Oliva Wilde is an alien - it is so heavily foreshadowed, it clunks you on the head. She's there because the bad aliens killed all of her species & she wants to stop them (Uh, Star Trek, the Borg?) Speaking of foreshadowing, whatya think happens when Harrison Ford gives the boy his knife - gosh, is the kid gonna become a man when he kills an alien? You betcha! Native American guide is able to unite cowboys and Indians to fight together against the aliens. Together, they dodge, out run and out smart the aliens who have laser blasters. Since movies like this need a sacrificial victim, the guide gives his life to say everyone else.

The alien weakness? They don't see so good in the day time (Predator, anyone?).

Oh, and a LSD like trance induced by the witch doctor helps Daniel Craig remember where he got the killing bracelet and what happened to his wife that will lead to save the day.

The climatic attack on the alien spaceship frees the hostages and everyone is able to outrun a spaceship blowing up.

Cowboys Vs Aliens deserves to be on a short list of worst movies ever, but won't become a cult classic like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or Planet X.

Stone (2010)
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Character Movie, surprise ending, 25 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can certainly see where some people would be disappointed in this movie. *** possible spoiler** the movie does not have a tight, wrapped up ending. It's loose, sloppy, ambiguous, open ended. To me, that is refreshing, because that is far more realistic - but this is supposed to be art, yes? So it should have a meaning - or must it? Is it better left open to the viewer, or must the movie's meaning be crystal clear?Is it sufficient enough to make you wonder? The movie was at its most intense when Ed Norton and Mila's characters were trying to con Bob DeNiro. My wife asked - can't Bobby see that his actions cannot end well? Watching Mila's seduction of Bobby - the coy, teasing way. The use of her body to gain power and manipulate a man. Of course Bobby knows what s going on in his mind, but his heart, his life has been so empty to that point, he'd rather be taken for a ride until it all crashes down.

Ed Norton character changes - from a con trying to find leverage on Bobby to actually believing what he is learning about religion, belief and life. Ironically, he is the one who grows and learns the most. The movie has its flaws, but I enjoyed watching the slow boat go down the river and over the falls.

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Predictable, but enjoyable, 23 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Maybe 6.5 or even a seven - yes, it's been done before - rouge, selfish father who leaves wife and child - (Jeff Bridges and Justin Timberlake, respectively)and contrived circumstances unite father and son on a road trip.

Not very subtle, but it works - there's just enough humor and the screen play is just good enough to pull it off. I rented this primarily to see if Justin could act. Neither he nor the movie will go down in movie making history for this, but I thought he did fine.

Kate Mara plays Justin;s girlfriend/lost love and Maureen Steenburgen is the ex-wife who never lost her love for Jeff Bridges. Cameo's by Ted Danson (Maureen's real life hubby), Lyle Lovett, Harry Dean Stanton also keep it interesting.

**Spoilers** A feel good movie with a happy ending, redemption, lost love found, acceptance, forgiveness.

Skyline (2010)
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Don't look up - at the movie screen, 18 May 2011

There are not many good things I can say about this movie. I am very glad it was a rental. Space creatures that look like a cross between something in Alien and a Venus fly trap. Nothing original or scary here.

Three hot chicks and one guy for eye candy. Donald Faison (from Scrubs) trying to break typecast and be a tough guy. That does not work. I have no problem with aliens from space eating humans. But creatures smart enough to travel in space cannot find humans hiding behind a kitchen counter? Guess they cannot hear very well, 'cause the barking yip dog did not give away the humans either.

The US Air Force sends everything in to shoot down the aliens, reminding me of Luke Skywalker attacking the Death Star.

If they made this movie for 10 mill and made 6x that at the box office, it's no surprise they're making a second one. Maybe they can use some of the profits to get a screen writer. The characters were cardboard, annoying one dimensional. The whole movie was just an excuse to put some CGI up on the screen for vapid viewers to go "wow dude".

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